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“The power of Transformational Breath® enables you to face your fears and release them with ease and grace, in a safe and loving environment.” ~ Julie Ann Horrox


The breath is our connection to life, by making changes to the way we breathe it can have profound and lasting effects in all aspects of our life. Studies show that 90% of us are not breathing correctly, by breathing deeply we have all the oxygen we need for optimum health and detoxification.

If you are looking for permanent shifts then Transformational Breath® certainly lives up to its name, it’s nurturing, brings peace and harmony, it has great detox effects, helps you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, it can guide you on your life path, enables more energy, vitality and facilitates you to opening up your creativity and to reach your full potential in life.


Meet Julie Ann Horrox, Transformational Breath ® Trainer


Julie-Ann Horrox

Advanced Teacher Trainer with over 15 years Experience with the breath

Transformation has always played a strong roll in my life; I was lucky to grow up in a family who were motivated to do well and were ever focused on making positive life changes.


I was Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Pennines Hills, my ancestors a long line of weavers, creativity and the unlimited potential to shift your human experience towards the sublime was in my blood.

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Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath Events

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