BREATHING FREEDOM Introductory workshop and Breathing Analysis Sessions

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BREATHE BRISTOL Sunday 20th March

An Introduction to this Award Winning and self empowering therapy, Transformational Breath®.

We live the way that we breathe, if your breath is restricted, then so is our life.

If you knew of an amazing technique that could….

  • Clear negative programming and beliefs without analysis.
  • Bring you the inner peace and self love you always desired.
  • Increase your self worth and mental clarity
  • Help you to feel the happiest and healthiest you have ever been.

Wouldn’t you love to know about this technique and how to apply it in your life every day.

ON this day you have 2 options, you can choose to do one or both.

  1. 9.30 am to 1.30 pm Morning Workshop,with one full Transformational Breath® session, seminar and demonstration £45 pp

  2. One on One Transformational Breath® Breathing Analysis Sessions , bookable slots .2 pm till 6 pm  £20 for 30 mins

In both you will be learning about opening your breathing pattern, clearing energy blocks and bringing yourself a greater scene of FREEDOM, whatever that means to you.

1. The Workshop …..We will look at what Transformational Breath® is…. How it works ? What it can do for you ? What are the 100’s of benefits ?and how you can use it to feel great every day.
There will be demonstrators and lots of breath practice, including a full Transformational Breath® session. You will gain insight into how your unique breathing pattern is effecting the way that you live your life and how you can improve this with better breathing.

2. Breath Analysis Sessions…. I will be able to tell you a lot about your life from the way that you breathe. This is a 30 minute session, too asses where your breathing is blocked and where you are holding your breath. In the session you will  become more aware of your breathing and how it is impacting on your life and discover how we can work together to open up your breathing pattern, so you can receive more JOY in your life !

Julie Ann Horrox is a fully certified Transformational breath Facilitator with over 16 yrs experience of Conscious breathwork, she is the UK’s National Coordinator for the International Breathwork Foundation, promoting worldwide heart centered breathwork, She works for the Prestigious Arrigo Programme and has her own private practice in Somerset.

The Transformational Breath® Stimulates the natural healing powers of the mind/body system.

  • Physically, it relieves tension, detoxifies, and greatly increases energy.
  • Emotionally, it integrates repressed/negative patterns, freeing one to experience new levels of love and joy.
  • Mentally, liming beliefs are dissolved. Peace is achieved, and creativity is expanded.
  • Spiritually, one’s awareness of the connection to Source is solidified. Many report mystical experiences of great beauty which bring insight and greater clarity to their lives by providing access to higher states of consciousness.

To breathe energy is to live abundantly!

What to bring: For your own comfort please wear loose comfortable clothing  a pillow and a blanket or two.

Food: Teas and snack will be provided on arrival and fro breaks, for lunch we can downstairs together at this very special venue.

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