Transformation has always played a strong roll in my life; I was lucky to grow up in a family who were motivated to do well,  and were ever focused on making positive life changes.

I was Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Pennines Hills ,my ancestors a long line of weavers, creativity and the unlimited potential to shift your human experience towards the sublime was in my blood.

In the 8o’s I trained in Fashion, and learned to transform fabrics into beautiful garments. I was the one who initiated the Girl Guide uniform change, with Geoff Banks. Later I became an interior designer and loved transforming homes for ‘The Cheshire Set’. Outwardly I was achieving, but my inner world was a different story …

By 2000 I had gone through two divorces, I had terrible eczema, which became so unbearable I was unable to work and was hiding from the pain with recreational drug use, having become a body artist in nightclubs.

It was truly a magical synchronicity how I discovered Rebirthing Breath work, in the year 2000. I found a fantastic Rebirther in Manchester and she quite literally saved my life. Slowly the eczema began to clear up, as I learned how to nurture myself with the gentle power of the breath, I created more supportive and loving relationships. By 2003 I had my third child, qualified as a rebirthing practitioner and gained a distinction in Drama, Dance and Voice Therapy with The Artemis Foundation Bournemouth. Conscious breathing had changed my life beyond measure, however there was still something missing?

New-website-Judy-169In 2007 my love of beauty, design and creativity New-website-Judy-171coupled with my passion for human growth and transform lead me to open a shop and healing center called BARAKA in Boscombe by the seaside in Dorset. It was an uplifting and inspiring place, for me and my customers; I filled it with crystals, handmade jewellery, colorful clothes from Rajasthan in India, Inspirational books, music and CD’s.

In 2010 was very excited to attend The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) in Spain, where I met the founder of Transformational Breath ® Dr Judith Kravitz. I was offered a free session, and was totally blown away by how much further you could go with the breath, than I had ever experienced in rebirthing. That was it!!! No question as soon as the breath session was over I wanted to do the training. In October 2010 I closed the shop and I Graduate as a fully certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator in spring 2013.

At my ‘loveinthebreath’ practice, I will help you to achieve permanent and lasting change. Whether your desire is for your body, your mind, emotions or simply to feel more spiritually connected more loving and accepting of yourself and what life has brought to you.

Over the last 13 years I have gained a breadth of knowledge and have with-Sondra-and-Markpersonal experience, using the breath and a variety of other tools that will help you to clear mental and emotional blocks and to feel lighter and freer. My artist’s drive to re-imagine the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary is fueled by a deep desire to change things for the better, for as many people as I can.

If you are looking for permanent shifts then Transformational breath certainly lives up to its name, it’s nurturing, brings peace and harmony, it has great detox effects, helps you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, it can guide you on your life path, enables more energy, vitality and facilitates you to opening up your creativity and to reach your full potential in life.

I would love to support you to take the next step closer to the love that you already are!  You are very welcome to join me for One to One sessions at my beautiful home, in the heart of Glastonbury.

You can also stay for BREATH & BREAKFASTS RETREATS at my home from £120 per day including a delicuous healty breakfast and a daily session and one on one support, other therapies can be added if required.

Creative one-to-one sessions are also available in sewing skills, dressmaking or soft-furnishings, Pattern Cutting and Cookery.

32 St Brides Cl, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9JU


To make an appointment or if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to call me on 07967308695


I can also visit you in your own home if travel is difficult for you xxx

Charges may apply depending on the distance traveled and time of the journey.