One Day Introductory Transformatinal Breath® Workshops

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I offer two types of Introductory Workshops, half days, or full days.

Advanced Teacher Trainer with over 15 yrs Experience with the breath

Julie Ann Horrox Advanced Teacher Trainer and Ambassador for The International Breath Foundation, with over 15 yrs Experience with ‘The Breath’

At all of my One Day Workshops you will learn how to use this simple breathing technique to enable you too….
  • CLEAR EMOTIONAL BLOCKS  supper fast and permanently !!!!
  • FEEL completely ENERGIZED !
  • BE the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST you have ever been !

In a Day Workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Transformatioanl Breath ® and ……

How it works and how to use this technique in your own daily practice, including Kundalini yoga and breath meditation. How to connect to your power, through the conscious use of your own breath and  how to utilize your full breathing capacity. You will experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate Restrictive Breathing Patterns  and bring yourself healing Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. You will also  discover of the amazing amount of benefits it can bring to yours, and others lives.

The breath is the most effective healing instrument that we possess: it’s free and its always available to us

Transformational Breath® is definitely for you, !

If you are willing to change, to feel better and to live your life more fully.


A buisy workshop in Glastonbury- group breathing is a powerful experience !

The end of a busy workshop in Glastonbury, group breathing is a powerful and loving experience !

Investment in your physical health and well-being is …….

½ Day Workshops £45.00 per person

Full Day Workshops £95.00 per person

see Events for upcoming workshops


 EXPERIENCE Transformational Breath® in your town !

If you would like me to come to your town and run a workshop, then please get in touch, all you need is a venue and some interested people keen to learn to breath fully. I will organize the rest, discounts to organizers for each participant they bring along.




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