Glastonbury Breathing Circle March 29th

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This regular monthly group is suitable for anyone curious about the breath – All levels & backgrounds welcome

7 pm -10 pm £10 per person

@ The Goddess Hall  Benedict St, Glastonbury BA6 9NB

This is a GLOBAL Monthly event and is  synchronized worldwide see breathing circle .com

We will be setting intentions Personally, for our community and for the world and breathing together with thousands of other conscious breathers around the planet.



Your Facilitator Julie Ann Horrox is a fully certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator & Advanced Level Teacher. The UK Ambassador for The International Breath Foundation, and has over 16yrs Professional Experience with Conscious breath work.

For our own comfort you are welcome to bring pillows, a blanket or two, a water bottle. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, preferably trousers as we will be using movement, sacred sound, and body work, in this cutting edge technique.
March 2016 Breathing Circle arrives during Easter, the Christian celebration of Christ’s resurrection/rebirth, which took the place of the ancient Pagan tradition of celebrating the Spring equinox – the time of a new dawn at the end of Winter.*

Like many Pagan traditions, Spring equinox was ruled over by Goddess influences, specifically Eostre – known as the ‘daughter of heaven’ and bringer of Light. Goddess Freya is also associated with this time of year.

Most female archetypes were dropped by the Christian church in favour of a male God. This has set up up thousands of years of imbalance between men and women. In recent years people are starting to recognise the importance of acknowledging the power of the Divine Feminine archetype – which is also represented by nature – Mother Earth. Some people believe that environmental abuse of the Planet has happened, in part, because of a fundamental denigration of feminine values and as we heal our connection to the feminine, we will also heal our home.

Goddess Eostre is “associated with the coming of spring and the dawn, and her festival is celebrated at the spring equinox…she brings renewal, rebirth from the death of winter” Eostre also lends her name to the female hormone oestrogen…so this month we have an opportunity to breathe energy into all things feminine, remembering that the feminine essence exists within each one of us regardless of gender.

This months breathe is a chance to get in touch with our receptive , intuitive capabilities and invite those skills to rise up and illuminate our life path and purpose.. So, this month you might like to explore around questions such as…

♥ What is my feeling about the feminine aspect of myself? Am I in touch with my Inner Woman? What does feminine energy mean to me?
♥ Do I trust my intuition/the intuition of others?
♥ How do I generally relate to the feminine in the World? What is my connection with women and the natural world?
♥ How was feminine energy modelled to me through my Mother?
How did my Father influence my understanding of the feminine?
♥ Can I create a ritual or affirmation to heal/acknowledge my relationship to the feminine?

Through the excellence of conscious breathing we all have the chance to rebirth ourselves – to reinvent ourselves from the inside out with each breath….so lets use this season of rebirth to create a version of ourselves that reflects our highest potential and contributes creative excellence to our beautiful Planet Earth.
Please call Julie Ann 07967308695 or email me on,
for more info or see my website

Teas and snax will be provided after the session x


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