Crystal Meanings

ABALONE These are shells from a New Zealand species of shellfish. Use this for repairing the neural pathways. It is very good for deafness if you place in the ears at night. Vibrationally it emits peace & tranquillity.

AGATE The Fire Stone Powerful healer, stone of good fortune. Brings fire to the loins to improve natural vitality, self-confidence; fortitude & courage. Helps you todiscover truth, accept fate, strengthen body & mind. An earthing & energising stone.

AMAZONITE The Thinker Feldspar mineral soothes the nervous system and gives some relief to those suffering from emotional disturbances. Helps with metabolism & growth and makes you feel uplifted & creative. Gives perspective to your more harmful traits and helps you let go of them. Influence on throat or respiratory problems, the endocrine system, rheumatism, spleen and heart. Helps you find kindness within you and helps the mind to find its soul.

AMBER The Mindful One A fossilised resin from prehistoric trees, it remembers the past centuries and helps with simple absent-mindedness. Has positive influence on throat or respiratory problems, the endocrine system, rheumatism, spleen and heart. Helps you find kindness within you and helps the mind to find its soul.

AMETHYST The Elevator Very powerful aid to spiritual enhancement; brings lower nature into consciousness. Use for healing & meditation. Helps with addictions, stress & toxic effects-promotes intuitive dreams. Helps acne, blood disease, pineal, pituitary glands, endocrinal & immune systems.

AMONITE The spiral of life It supports circular breathing, helping to connect body mind and spirit. Eases birth pains and brings relaxation. It helps us to see the whole picture and not get stuck in a situation. This stone offers protection and grounding.
Symbolic of death and rebirth.

ANGELITE A stone of heightened awareness with special focus on peace & brotherhood. It gives protection in the environment around the body. Promotes compassion & understanding it helps you speak the truth when this is difficult, alleviates psychological pain, enhances astrological understanding, increases telepathy & angel connection.

APAPTITE Strengthens muscle tissue, aids in co-ordinating basic motor responses. Assists people suffering from stuttering and hypertension. It may be used by those who are on a diet as it curbs the appetite. It shakes up the inner self and allows you to see the inner truth, then put these truths into action.

APACHE TEAR OBSIDIAN A gentle form of obsidian, bringing negativity slowly to the surface. A promoter of forgiveness & comforting for periods of grief. Provides insight into sources of distress and relieves long- held grievances. Calms & soothes when placed on sacral chakra. A toxin remover & absorber, excellent for protecting the aura.

APOPHYLLITE Use to create a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realms. It facilitates attunement to one��s body as well as to the higher dimensional life forms. It has been used to facilitate astral travel & allows one to see into the future. The pyramids can be used to stimulate one’s intuitive vision.

AQUA AURA Improves heart, lungs, throat and thymus. Helps those suffering from emotional traumas, and in the release of inner emotional tension from deep within the body. Helps meditation.

AQUAMARINE The Serene One Helps to calm nerves & reduce fluid retention. Useful for dealing with problems of the eyes, liver, throat , stomach & glands as well strengthening & cleaning the body. Gives clarity of mind-aiding personal creativity, losing fears & phobias. A great physical, mental and emotional balancer. Often carried as a good luck charm.

ARAGONITE The Earth Goddess Stone Deepens connection to the earth, encourages
recycling & conservation. Useful for times of stress & a teacher of patience. Makes you feel comfortable, warm & well in your body �C also good for keeping you grounded. Gives insight into anger & stabilizes spiritual development.

AVENTURINE The Delver Stimulates muscle tissue & strengthens the blood. This is a brain stone, purifying mental, emotional & etheric bodies, its real strength is in losing anxiety and fears by digging deep at the foundation of their causes. Centres you & encourages independence. Also good for eyes & migraine relief.

AZURITE The Decision Maker A very powerful stone; it��s copper content allows flow of energy through nervous system helping the body to utilise its oxygen & for treatment of arthritis & joint disabilities. Aids psychic development and meditation by cutting through illusion, allowing decision making to be easier.

BLOOD STONE This stone toughens the blood & oxygenating system, enhancing physical & mental vitality. Helps overcome depression, and pains which are emotional rather than of physical cause. Heart, spleen, bone-marrow & iron deficiencies are all assisted by this powerful stone. Balances all the chakras.

BLUE LACE AGATE A very calming stone, helpful for freely expressing one’s feelings. Provides cool& soothing energies, good for neutralising red energies such as anger, infections & fevers, etc.

BRANDENBURG NUMBIA A beautiful gift for soul retrieval & soul recovery. Awakens dormant leadership memories & connects us with lives spent with figures of authority. It helps with structure, order & stability. It is a master compassion crystal.

BRECCIATED JASPER The Talisman An excellent grounding stone assists in attaining emotional stability. It draws excess energy from the head and therefore promoted mental clarity. It gives a sense of balance & grounds the spirit, offering protection from witchcraft.

CALCITE The Balancer A variable coloured stone, it benefits the kidney, pancreas & spleen. Alleviating fear & stress, it has the ability to balance the male/female polarities & emotions by helping you to ground excessive enthusiasms. Inspires joy, lightness of being and an improvement in astral projection.

CARNELIAN The Friendly One A hugely evolved healer, aiding kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas & tissue regenerator. A good balancer, aids concentration, strengthens voice, helps rheumatism, arthritis, depression & neuralgia. Used for infertility and impotence. Protects from evil, grounds energies & opens heart to joy.

CELESTITE The Stone of Heaven Reduces stress by giving relaxation & peace of mind. Also accelerates spiritual growth by helping you to expand your creative expression adjusting & knowing your higher self & other forms of divine awareness. Revealing truth, reliability, the clarity of thought & speech.

CHALCEDONY A powerful cleanser, considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians it promotes goodwill & brotherhood. Improves bone marrow, spleen & heart tissue, good for open sores and to improve lactation. This stone stimulates & enhances one spiritual & personal creativity.

CHALCOPYRITE The Peacock One This helps cheer those with constant worries & also improves prosperity consciousness. It lessens fever & stimulates the flow of Chi. This is a disappearing stone that sometimes gets ��lost�� or ��wanders off�� to collect information for its owner. It is useful for helping to find misplaced objects.

CHAROITE Lifts energy when the body is exhausted and regulates blood pressure, giving powerful dreams when put under the pillow. A soul stone with deep emotional and physical healing qualities. Dissolves fear by helping it come to the surface so that it may be faced and dealt with.

CHRYSOCOLLA Woman’s Friend Excellent for period pains & premenstrual tension, strengthening feminine qualities in both genders. Generally aids in prevention of ulcers, digestive problems, arthritic conditions, toughens lungs & thyroid glands enhancing metabolism. Alleviates guilt, cleanses negativity & brings inner peace.

CHRYSOPRASE Joy Stone A very subtle quartz this stone helps to ease sexual frustration & depressions by balancing neurotic patterns & enhancing personal insights. A very inward looking stone, helps one see clearly into personal problems. Helps with calming, balancing & inner mental healing. Brings light-heartedness.

CITRINE The Cuddle Quartz This prevents self-destructive tendencies by assisting in raising self-esteem, introducing you to yourself and generally being nice to you. Helps those who feel they have lost their way in life, gives cheer & light-heartedness, hope, warmth & energy. Plus it also attracts abundance.

COPPER Mineral of energy and mental agility. Associated with the God Hermes, known for his mental agility and quick wit. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy and can transmit thoughts over great distances.

DANBURITE The Letting Go Stone A highly spiritual stone carrying a very pure vibration, works on heart chakra & links to angelic realms. Good stone to facilitate change, leave the past, & bring new beginnings for the soul. Removes toxins and clears conditions & allergies; treats liver & gallbladder. Can be placed under the pillow for lucid dreaming.

DIPOTASE The Girl’s Best Friend A master healer-this dispels negativity, purifies body & spirit & reflects desires of the highest consciousness in enhancing brain functions & removal of emotional blockages in the personality. Good for those that fear to love again, helps to heal the heart & inspire innocence.

DUMORTIERITE This stone promotes accomplishments, positive attitude, trust, harmony and helps us cope with panic & fear. It enhances our organisational abilities, including precision, self discipline, & the ability to organise. Helps us become more tidy & systematic. Great for business! Spiritually it can help to open the third eye.

DYED STONES The energy of the stone in not effected by the dying progress. It simply looks prettier.

ELESTIAL QUARTZ A special form of clear/smokey quartz. Changes confusion /illusions to clarity, seeking truth. Opens psychicness & connection to higher self. Stimulates crown to pineal to rise above situations & emotions. May initially intensify lower vibrational thoughts to enable release, opening heart & mind. Heals brain cells from Drug/alcohol abuse.

EMERALD Unconditional Love Stone A stone of great power & friend to the seeker assisting in deeper spiritual insight, introduces higher self to divinity within. Purported to give power to see into the future and grant success in business. Strengthens the heart, liver, kidney, immune system, enhancing intellect & memory.

FLUORITE  The Gatherer A variable coloured stone, a powerful healer it gathers, absorbs & strengthens teeth & bones. Calms the over excitable by bringing greater concentration in meditation where it will help you grasp & communicate with the higher & more abstract aspects of the higher self.

GARNET The Day Dreamer Regenerates body systems, especially the blood stream where it is a good purifier. This stone is also strongly associated with the balancing of the sex drive & emotions. Improves self-confidence & courage, bringing love & compassion. Assists in past life recall.

HEMATITE You�’ll either love or hate this stone. To those who like it, it will bring beneficial oxygenation of the blood stream, an energised spleen, helping to cope with stress & combat insomnia. It is a very optimistic inspirer of will, courage & personal magnetism whilst keeping your head out the clouds.

HERKIMER DIAMOND The Harvester So-called because it will draw out toxins with similar qualities to clear quartz. A friend to all & a powerful amplifier it boosts the power of other crystals. It is used in the reduction of stress, balancing of energies, increasing awareness of dreams & inner visions.

IOLITE This stone helps you to feel comfortable in the leadership role. It will help prevent you from allowing others to walk over you or to allow your emotions to control you. At the same time this stone does not allow you to martyr yourself. It keeps you from feeling you are a victim of circumstances.

JADE The Virtuous One Its subtle, smooth vibration strengthens heart, kidneys, immune system, blood & increases longevity & fertility. Aiding eye disorders this stone is also an emotional balancer, particularly for feminine problems. Radiating divine unconditional love, fostering clarity, modesty & wisdom.

JASPER The Talisman Healers have traditionally used it for enhanced diagnosis. A powerful healer in itself it controls excessive bleeding & is also good for stomach & digestive disorders. It gives a sense of balance & grounds the spirit, offering protection from witchcraft.

JASPER DALMATION Jasper is an opaque form of the quartz mineral. A stone good for facilitating relaxation, tranquillity and wholeness.

KUNZITE The Talisman If you are any kind of junkie make friends with this lithium bearer. It is an excellent balancer for physical, emotional & mental compulsives. Strengthens the cardiovascular system & aids manic depressives by opening your healing heart & surrendering to your higher self.

KYANITE The Faithful One This stone��s curative property affects the throat, especially the voice, by enhancing the creative expression of singers and orators. It is called faithful because it encourages devotion, truth, loyalty, reliability, serenity & pragmatism.

LABRADORITE Highly mystical & protective; raises consciousness & deflects unwanted energies. Can take you into another world. Stimulates intuition & psychic gifts, including ��right timing�� by bringing unconscious messages forward. Banishes fears, strengthens faith & trust. Useful through change & transformation. Treats eyes, brain, & colds.

LAPIS LAZULI The Night Stone This beautiful stone is said to prevent fits, improve eyesight & protect against strokes. It strengthens the thyroid & skeletal system. A powerful augmenter of psychic abilities, it was called on by the ancient Egyptians and thought to be the stone upon which were written the laws given to Moses.

LEPIDOLITE – The Junkie’s Friend High in lithium content it is an excellent balancer, allowing a gentle withdrawal from compulsive behaviour. Aids the strengthening of the muscles of the heart & blood flow while giving expression to your innate inner light & joy.

MALACHITE The green stripes are a clear indicator of this mineral��s healing power. Aids the function of the pancreas, contains copper so useful in the treatment of rheumatism, asthma, toothache & to improve eyesight. Assists in a good night��s sleep, brings prosperity & helps with confusion.

MALACHOLLA This stone produces a very high healing vibration. It is a combination of Malachite & Chrysocolla, symbolising wholeness & peace. Placed on an area of disharmony, it gently restores balance.

MOONSTONE The Mother Earth Stone A very feminine stone, bringing ease to period pains & disorders on a fruitful scale with emphasis on love, fertility & child bearing. A good emotional balancer, solid in inspiring flexibility, nurturing & wisdom while emotionally balancing. Promotes loyalty towards the wearer.

OBSIDIAN This stone works fast & powerfully without boundaries or limitations.
Enhances truth by reflecting flaws, weaknesses & blocks. Can facilitate return to past lives, protects & grounds the base chakra. Helpful for highly sensitive people. Revitalises soul purpose & for healing its gift is insight into causes – good for therapists.

APACHE TEAR OBSIDIAN A gentle form of obsidian, bringing negativity slowly to the surface. A promoter of forgiveness & comforting for periods of grief. Provides insight into sources of distress and relieves long- held grievances. Calms & soothes when placed on sacral chakra. A toxin remover & absorber, excellent for protecting the aura.

BLACK OBSIDIAN Grounds spirit & soul into the physical plane. Increases self-control & conscious will. Brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface & magnifies negative energies. Reverses previous misuse of power, disperses unloving thoughts. Has prophetic qualities; aids shamanic ceremonies. Use clear quartz to ground revelations.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN Calms & soothes by placing on sacral chakra. Brings ingrained patterns to your attention. Teaches you to value mistakes & successes. A stone of purity; good for skeleton, veins & circulation. Use it to ease loneliness, create surrender & release “wrong thinking”.

ONYX Strength Giver Provides support when difficulties & confusion arise, and during intense physical & mental stress. Holds memories of the wearer, useful for past-life work, place on body to heal past trauma. Also good for teeth bones, blood & feet. Can help with viewing the future & making wise decisions.

OPAL The Rainbow Stone Its iridescent flashes stimulate the pineal & pituitary glands & enhances intuition, but its practical benefit is to induce in you a conscious connection with your higher self. It helps with lung conditions & controlling one��s temper. Unless the wearer is true in love it can be a sorry stone.

OPTICAL CALCITE Has a clear translucent quality full of rainbows. It is a helpful stone for those in need of clarity. And for learning about laws of attraction & manifestation. It can help one see past errors & ways to correct them for future benefits. It can specifically remove negative-emotions & bring more optimism into one��s experience.

ORBICULAR JASPER A great nurturing stone, this crystal supports service and helping others. It instils patience and the acceptance of responsibilities. It is useful in facilitating circular breathing and it also helps eliminate toxins that cause body odour.

PEACOCK ORE Its beautiful multi-colours treats all the chakras, providing protection from external negativity. It is an uplifting stone, bringing hope and inspiration. Excellent for cellular healing, repairing perfect structure to regenerating tissue.

PERIDOT The “Let’s Go” Stone A good antitoxin gem, cleansing most organs & glands, an overall tonic for body & mind. Reduces stress, accelerates personal growth & opens new doors of opportunity & abundance whilst banishing lethargy & laziness. Can cleanse & heal feelings to mend damaged relationships.

PREHNITE This is oozing with stimulating energy. Its got a very positive feel to it & encourages regeneration after fatigue. It��s a good tool for facilitating astral travel or out of body experiences, as well as other psychic or
meditation work. When used at night it might aid in the recognition of dreams.