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It’s the beginning of a new year. A unique moment in the year and a natural time & space to reflect and think about your life, relationships, work and what you want in your year ahead?
But before you decide any goals or intentions for 2016, I encourage you to look at your thinking more closely. Your thinking shapes everything – how you see yourself, your year ahead, your life, your relationships, your house, your work, your finances… your thoughts influence everything. And if you plan ahead with misplaced thinking at the root, you may set poor goals or even the wrong goals. It’s the same effect as building a house on shaky foundations. Very often our mind can be our worst enemy, our thinking can be unhelpful and damaging to our goals. For example, our thoughts may go something like this as – “it’s going to be a difficult year, I’m not good at…, I’m not looking forward to…, I’m just not that type of leader, I can’t be that bold, I just not good enough to…., I’m not as good as…., anyway they’re a pain, the relationship is just not working, I will never lose the weight, I have to work 18 hours a day, my house is too small, I need to make more money… bla bla bla “.


We don’t normally notice these thoughts, but when we stop and BREATHE, this brings our attention, our consciousness to how busy our “monkey mind really is”. My God am I really negative talking to myself and I’m not even aware of it x Scary Ha!  Well maybe for the first 5 seconds. Until we realise this…. Awareness of our ‘monkey mind’ means that we’ve caught it out and we can now choose to stop being a victim to it. Once we become the observer of our thoughts we are now conscious of what these thoughts are, Great WE CAN do something to change our thinking.

Negative thinking is dangerous, not only because it makes us feel bad, Insecure, scared of our own power; but most importantly, because it prevents us being bold in setting goals, and it also stops us from achieving our potential at anything in any moment. I’m not a huge advocate of ‘positive thinking’, we can’t be sticking plaster positive thinking over years of negative thinking, family and societal belief systems, it just doesn’t work!



When we realise that we live within our thinking every day, it’s like real. And that we don’t even notice it then we know that it’s just programming, a set of beliefs inherited from our family, friends and work colleges, picked up from the TV and the Media. The Great news is that with commitment to Transformational Breath® that we can totally reprogram ourselves. I invite you to realise that thoughts flows through us continuously, but they are not real and our thoughts are separate from us.


WE are not our thoughts! WTF! yes Take a breath and say that again we are not our thoughts!

We live within a continuous train of thought in any moment. But, if we’re aware of it as thinking, it’s a train that we can get off if and when we choose. You choose which train (of thinking) to be on at any time. I’m inviting you to understand more about the nature of thought. It shapes our experiences in every moment, but thought is not true, and it isn’t always accurate; it often doesn’t have us operate optimally, and our thinking changes regularly anyway depending on who we are spending time with.
So what am I suggesting as we launch ourselves fully into 2016?
Notice your thinking. Notice it, be aware of it, challenge it, and dissociate from it. See it as flowing through you, but not being you. In any moment, you can then choose to grab onto the thinking, or not; to live within that train of thought, or not.
It might even help you to write down the specific thinking that you don’t want to dominate you this year, take an A4 piece of paper draw a line down the middle and on the left write negative thinking, and on the other side write NEW THOUGHTS FOR 2016 …. the opposite, i.e. what you want rather than whet you don’t want. I could look something like this….


Old negative Thoughts New thoughts for 2016
All men/women are Liars and cheats Men/ women always want what’s best for me, from now on, I only meet men/women who honour and respect me.
I can’t ……. because I’m too old, too fat, too stuck…. I feel youthful and vibrant and I can achieve anything I choose. I am grateful for and I Love my body, it has served me well.
Its hard work, life’s always a struggle for me, one step forward two steps back.  It’s safe for me to move forwards, even when it feels challenging, life always supports me, I’m grateful for life’s lessons, I trust in myself!
My house is to small, I’m living in the wrong place I am full of gratitude for a warm dry space to live, I absolutely know that I will find a new place to live at the perfect time for me.


Tear off the left side and throw them into a fire or simple burn them outside with a lighter. Then breathe in Your New Thoughts, using some felt tips write them beautifully in the front of your New 2016 diary or journal. This will not only enable you to set better 2016 goals, but also have a better more fulfilling year ahead.

Wishing you a Happy New Year…with New Thinking.


Treat Yourself to a miraculous journey with your own breath

For even more powerful results, you could treat yourself to a thought changing Transformational Breath® Session. Enabling you to breathe and receive your ‘New Thinking for 2016’ into every cell of your body, and the power of your exhale to gently release the negative thoughts. Imajin feeling them release moving through your body like waves of ecstasy, thanking them, surrendering them with love, until you feel it’s truth of your New Thoughts in every cell of your being!


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