” I came into this breathe work after seeing a friend who had been depressed forever, change. I had been a carer for nearly 13 yrs and whilst that was okay I was worn out and feeling I was not living my life to the full. I wanted a practice that was dynamic and have now been doing this work now for about 6 months. After my first session, my business which had been dormant sprang to life and has been going from strength to strength ever since. I was then promoted to work. I make determinations with Julie Ann and they materialise. My recent determination was to come off the sleeping pills which I have taken for years. I wanted to sleep again naturally, I have now been off these pills for 4 weeks and I am sleeping, I had a few withdrawal symptoms but these I know will pass. I feel more alive, happier and present. I will continue with this practice as it has allowed me to let go of negative emotions and move on. I also love the feeling of total relaxation I get during the sessions ” This is a dynamic practice which gets to the heart of things quickly and Julie Ann takes very good care of you on the journey” Try it and see “

Sarah Laver-Holland ESW Social Worker, Nov 2017


I met Julie Ann at a Glastonbury Positive Living Group event where she was presenting Transformational Breath. The subject immediately indicated to me and I commenced a series of sessions with Julie Ann. After the first 3 or 4 I was ready to book a Seminar in the US with Judith Kravitz, the founder of the movement, and I enjoyed a week in Boston with a very experienced group of trainers. I very much enjoyed the Seminar- enough to book the next one with Judith, also in Boston, just a month or two later. Attending a weeks Seminar has taught me more about the practice, but for the act of purely receiving the benefit of sessions, my sessions with Julie Ann have been proving the most powerful. We have established a rapport that is enabling us to reach inside my body and start to free up some tensions seemingly trapped or held in my body that I have not been able to release with many other practices. I look forward to returning to Glastonbury and continuing this excellent work.

Working with Julie Ann is fun and joyful and thoroughly recommended!

Richard Armitage Entrepreneur, UK & US


I’ve had three separate Transformational Breath Sessions with Julie Ann Horrox; the first was a drop-in introductory group, the second was a one-on-one consultation and treatment, and the third was a training workshop. I have to say that at each of these sessions, I experienced a breakthrough in terms of letting go of old emotional traumas, thus freeing up my breathing considerably. I also found Juliann to be an expert and dedicated teacher who holds the space brilliantly, so that everyone feels safe and cared for and able to trust and release. She provides a loving and supportive atmosphere while at the same time making sure that everyone has all the information that they need to take the next steps.
I couldn’t recommend Julie Ann more highly.
Love Annie Eston (writer) xxx May 2017



“Dearest Julie Ann, words cannot describe how truly transformative I am finding our breath sessions.  I have managed to shift such deep pain, rage and grief, and you held, nurtured and compassionately supported me through the process. During our last session when you held me I felt light as a feather, like a newborn baby. You have a very special gift and have inspired me to want to study Transformational Breath.  is truly a life-changing therapy, but I also feel it is doubly special because of who you are, and of course because of all of your experience!!! Thank you so much.”  Louisa Patterson, Kinesiologist, EFT, Bushflower Remedy, Theta Healing and Reiki Practitioner 2016


“Today’s session assisted me in deepening my capacity to allow, receive, let go and connect…. I love the magical way that breath-wok simply goes where its most needed and Julie Ann is a very angelic assistant and healer”

Lasare Light Life Coach 2016


I thought that you conducted the workshop with great skill, care and sensitivity. You gave me a great deal of confidence in your ability and skills when handling what must be some quite difficult situations. Thre is a delicate balance in how far you push people and I thought that you got it exactly right, further to your analysis of my breathing pattern, it was wholly accurate.

Laurie Psychotherapist The New Forest 2015


Hi Julie Ann

Just wanted to give feedback on the evening 🙂

I found it so beneficial afterwards … Yesterday after breathing circle I felt more alive – more energy (I got loads done with an easy can do attitude 🙂 I also felt much more in my own power (haven’t felt this for so long) and could see the ripple effect on my relating (I was more assertive and present …

Thank you very much for the evening it was good as always …

I felt very safe with you and well supported …

I want to sign up to more things with you.

Kind Regards

Emma Psychiatric Nurse Bristol 2016


Hello Julie Ann, Thank you so much for Sunday – I loved every minute of it, even if I was out of my comfort zone during the ‘group hug’ at the end. Sometimes an experience immediately draws us in and we feel a connection with it and that’s what happened to me on my first Transformational Breath® day.  You are a real inspiration and your joy and vitality are infectious.  I really hope that I will be able to come to one of your sessions in the future.

Love and happy days Sally 2016


Hi Julie, I came to see you on 16th Feb 2016,
I have not had one single moment of anxiety since. No pulse in my stomach, over beating heart, overwhelming feelings of anxiety, debilitating days when I feel I want to hide away. The change has been remarkable, and I can promise you there have been plenty times in the last month and a half when I’ve had a lot to be anxious about.
I feel I have been ‘rebooted’ to a time before anxiety came into and started controlling my life.
You asked me what I wanted to feel, go away with and I replied calmly. Thank you whatever happened that day, and I just thought I would try something different as I have been to numerous counselling sessions where I always felt a misfit, (always feeling why was I there?), I have felt able to be myself, speak my own mind and feel calm xx                                                                                                       Debbie Somerset 2016


Well THANKYOU for the spectacular introduction to Transformational Breath and for such a profound experience, I got such a lot out of that workshop. Since the workshop in Sale, Manchester, I must tell you that I had bad asthma for 1 day, then I have taken my inhaler since it seems t have done something quite amazing and that was 3 months ago x May 2014

Thank you, Julie Ann, for the beautiful breath session yesterday. You went to all the right places, of course, and spoke words of truth into my bieng, I felt energy flowing so freely at the end. Sept 2015

Jemma Therapist Staffordshire 


Hi Julie, I recently attended an introductory workshop in Boscombe, which I found amazing. I thought I would let you know that this workshop was the most impactful experience I have had at getting down to a “feeling” level, and I have done plenty of training. I would like to book a one to one session with you, probably in May, and I will be in touch nearer the time. Hope you are well,Love Sharon 2016


“Being in Julie Ann’s presence and with her safe guidance, I was able to face and leave behind what needed to be confronted and let go of. She helped me to understand what had to be done next to move forward in my chosen direction and break through old barriers. Julie Anne is a treasure to the world, and I hope many others may be assisted by her gifts and skills. With love and fond thanks…..a one in a million woman who I’ll always remember!” – Tim, Author, Wales[ 2010/box]

“Julie Ann provides a safe space to look deep inside yourself, she is a warm beautiful magnetic person, whose colourful sense of life is addictive” ~ Sarah, Nurse, Cheshire 2003 
“Julie Ann is a talented dramatist with a wondrous sense of imagination and creativity, her faith and enthusiasm for changing the world is inspirational” ~ Debbie, Social worker, Cambridge 2004 
“Over the many years I have known Julie Ann and worked closely with her, she never ceases to amaze me with her courage and tenacity for personal growth and change – no stone goes un-turned either in her own life or in those of her clients. She is kind and calm and to the point, so challenges can be resolved quickly and effectively in her presence. I find her work to be of the highest quality both in her own life and in her support of those around her, she is an inspiration.” ~ Natalia Brown Rebirth Practitioner, Seminar leader and International Speaker 2014
“Julie Ann’s work is really quite powerful, she creates a safe space for healing to take place, and is very focused and skilled at guiding people through their issues. I have had life changing results from her breathing circle, Its obvious to me that her purpose in life is to help people work through their problems, she has been given this gift and she uses it very well.” ~ Alexi, creative hair stylist and holistic therapist, Bournemouth 2011
“Julie Ann always knows just what to say and do to help you get the most out of your session. Lively, funny and powerful yet nurturing, gentle and intuitive Julie Ann has a unique way of helping you grow into the person you want to be. Her breathing sessions are an immensely powerful tool for transformation.” ~ Charlie, massage therapist, Bournemouth 2012 
“Julie Ann – just to say much appreciation for last night at the Breathing Group – it was great and it was a success due to how you conducted it x” ~ Diane 2009 
“I am truly truly surprised and grateful for how well I feel after receiving your support. I came to you yesterday in total emotional turmoil, having been like this for a few days. I was able to share my deepest fears and worries with you, without fear of judgement. You identified the root cause immediately at a higher level which enabled me  to resolve something within myself far quicker than I expected. Having completed the breathing session with you, I am truly astounded at how rapidly a sense of well-being has returned. When I was rather expecting to be stuck in those feelings. Thank-you thank-you thank you xxx” ~ Estelle, Graphic Designer, Dorchester 2008 
” I have known Julie Ann personally and professionally for over 10 years. From the first moment I met her when she attended one of my workshops in Manchester, I found her engaging, full of life and ready to transform; she seemed to have a deep understanding of the healing process even at that stage, curious and willing to really look deeply into herself. This is one of the things I most admire, in that she is always committed to clearing any and all blockages within herself that would prevent complete health, wealth and happiness in her life. She is equally committed to helping others to do the same.

Her work with me has processed through many years of training and apprenticeship in the Rebirthing Breathwork method that I teach (Self Mastery); She attended a number of my One year Foundation Courses, working with Drama, dance and voice as a therapeutic tool, in combination with Breath Mastery development. Julie Ann became a valuable Assistant leading many workshops and professional Training’s. She developed her own style and was extremely supportive to me personally in developing the ideas and producing the women’s workshops I ran. She is highly gifted and innovative in her approach to devising new concepts. I have watched her over the years, working with clients; she is gentle and loving in her support of others but she is equally fearless, committed to the truth, getting the best for and from others.

Lastly but by no means least, Julie Ann is a loyal, loving friend and colleague; honest, straightforward and always ready to support me in our on-going journey together and separately. Thank you Julie Ann for your vision, and healing presence in the world.” ~ Christina Artemis, Breath Mastery Trainer and Life Energy Coach 2012 .

“Thanks you so much for the breath work treatment I had with you, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think I had a breakthrough, which may possibly be connected to the treatment. On 15th Feb this year I woke up and realized a whole bunch of information, all at once, which is critical to who I am and what people are like to me, and has made me awaken to a completely transformed outlook on life. I remember being critical about my father during the treatment and I now know that that was wrong, as I, all of my life have had absolutely no idea really appalling horrendous things that he went through in his youth, which were indescribably terrible, so terrible. A full brickwork of the entire story, settled in my mind, that day and I now have absolutely no problem with my father and now feel, contrary to what I said before that my attitude and actions need to change towards him, as without knowing any of what I know now, he came across as a bit cold and out of order and I responded accordingly. I now realize that he didn’t want to tell me the terrible truth, in order to protect me from having to think about it and that it is actually that I need to care about what he’s been through. Which is 100 times worse than my experiences? All I could see in the treatment was that no-one in my life cares if bad things happen to me.

I am so glad that I can now understand why this was like this, don’t know if this is connected to the treatment, but I do know that I feel completely transformed and I just wanted to explain this change to you because I feel I painted my dad in a bad light and after realising what I have, I feel I need to change what I said to you.” ~ Helen Walker 2008 (“a different person”)

“I recently spent 2 days with Julie Ann on a ‘mini breath-work retreat’. We worked in the mornings and had the afternoons for integration by walking and painting (these were my choices). Prior to the retreat we discussed what I needed and Julie Ann then designed the days to suit my needs.

We started both days with a ‘daily practice’ of meditation, breathing and exercise which I was able to take away and use on my own. The first morning Julie took me through a Byron Katie process which identifies and turns around thoughts. This was followed by a Transformational Breath® session. The second day we worked further on thought processes and did another breathing session which developed the work undertaken on the first day.

I found Julie Ann to be very professional in her approach: she is clear about the structure of the day and how to manage the processes. She role models her work because she undertakes the practices and the breathing every day herself. She loves her work and she is a joy to be around because she is so positive and upbeat. She believes 100 percent in the breathwork and is very encouraging. Whilst being attentive and caring, Julie Ann is very intuitive and also very tough in giving feedback about what she hears and sees. She has a rigor about her which ensures she delves deep, to encourage honesty about the  issues that were holding me back and does not leave stones unturned.

Julie Ann also has a lot of her own ‘life experiences’ to give her a deep understanding of the human condition. I felt I was really encouraged to ‘let go’ and to go inward and was supported all the way through the two days with love and attention. Julie Ann is very experienced in the breath and I feel very positive to recommend her to anyone who wants to live a fuller and more fulfilling life.” ~ Glynis Judge, Nov 2012