Transformational Breath® Training, Levels I, II, & III

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We live the way we breathe, when our breath is restricted then so is our life experience, changing our breathing habits can lead us to better health, mental clarity and emotional freedom.

Transformational Breath Julieann Horrox

Transformational Breath® is simple to learn and suitable for people of all ages, from newborn to old age.

This series of training weekends support you to learn the self breathing Transformational Breath® method in order for you to feel full and alive. You are welcome to all three weekends to explore and experience the power of Transformational Breath® yourself and to start using the method in your daily life to improve health, emotional well being and happiness levels.

Weekend One ~ 23 -24 April, Glastonbury
This weekend is the first of a three-part training programme aimed at self-facilitation.
You will learn to use your breath to set yourself free from all the hidden, suppressed emotions that sabotage your life. You will also learn to surrender, and allow this simple and powerful vehicle to open you to your own boundless Self.

Weekend Two ~ 28 – 29 May, Glastonbury
This weekend is the second of a three-part training programme aimed at self-facilitation. On this weekend, you will continue to be guided to explore your own breath and discover your own unique breathing pattern. Through breath analysis, you will understand how it is that your breathing pattern reflects what’s going on for you at the subconscious level, and how it reveals the way you embrace life.

Weekend Three ~ 25 – 26 June, Glastonbury
This exciting and powerful weekend is open to all weekend one and/or weekend two graduates.
This weekend you will continue to be guided to explore your own breath, and understand how it can be the perfect vehicle to open and connect you with the Source of your Being, the Joy that you already are.

All weekends are personal development weekends that support you to learn to use the Transformational Breath® method in order to self-breathe and for the method to become a daily practice

All three levels are an amazing gift to yourself in understanding how your breath affects the way you embrace life.

These three weekends are all certificated weekends that can count towards becoming a professional trainer of the method should you wish to work toward facilitating this method.

These weekends are to support you to use Transformational Breath® as a daily practice of self-empowerment, learning you can choose to feel better!

Full breathing sessions shift a lot of energy, raise your vibration and empower you to feel amazing!

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Who with?
Julie Ann Horrox has over 16 years experience with conscious breathwork and is the UK’s Ambassador for the International Breathwork Foundation. She has trained extensively in different forms of breathwork; Transformational Breath® is her chosen field, because she has found it to be by far the most powerful and effective form of breathwork available on the planet today. She is the UK’s National Coordinator for the International Breathwork Foundation, promoting worldwide heart centered breathwork, She works for the Prestigious Arrigo Programme and has her own private practice in Somerset.

Nathalie Montille UK Senior Trainer and International Teacher
A facilitator who is one of only two Senior Trainers in the UK. Nathalie Montille lives and works in London, but travels extensively to share this simple and powerful tool. She trained under Dr. Judith Kravitz, creator of the Transformational Breath® process, and founder of the internationally acclaimed Transformational Breath® Foundation.
More about Nathalie and Transformational Breath®:

Booking & Cost
Please contact Julieann Horrox if you have any questions about Transformational Breath® and bookings.
Telephone: +44 (0)7967 308 695
Each training weekend costs £295

Your investment:
£295/weekend ~ (Covers tuition, course material) + delegate rate (lunches and all refreshments). The daily delegate is £10 pp, per day, Saturday and Sunday. This includes a healthy and delicious vegan gluten free lunch, local spring water, snacks throughout the day and all teas and coffee. Please bring this with you on the day, the venue is 10 minutes’ walk from town.

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