About Julie Ann Horrox 

Personal Transformation has always played a strong roll in my life; I was lucky to grow up in a family who were motivated to do well and were ever focused on making positive life changes. As a family churchgoer’s, there was always focus on wanting to be a better person and making the world a better place for everyone. My grandparent’s met at The Old Sunday School when they were both Sunday school teachers and I followed suit.

I grew in Macclesfield Cheshire nestled on the edge the Pennines Hills surrounded by the beauty of Nature, most weekends I spent walking over the wild moors, rolling hills and remote valleys with my father Godfrey, he taught me survival skills, deep love and respect of mother earth and for our native wildlife.

My Horrox ancestors can be traced back to the 1750s as cotton weavers in Chetham Hill, Manchester, they moved to Macclesforld in the 1920s because they could earn more money in the local silk mills.

I have a deep memory in my DNA of being removed from the land during the beginning of the industrial revolution, felt a strong connection to The Luddites. I remember a time of living in balance with nature on the land. I have Celtic Pagan blood form comes my redheaded Scottish great-grandfather.

The weaving of the spiritual with a love of nature with the unlimited potential to shift humanity forward is strongly woven through in my ancestry.

In the 8o’s I trained in Fashion, as an intern working for Maureen Baker creating bespoke garments for Margaret Thatcher and The Royal family. I attended London fashion week modelling for Nina Bee, where learned to transform fabrics into stunning one-off garments.

My final collection at Fashion Colledge was a range of ladies traditionally hand-tailored coats and suits sponsored by the famous J&J Crombie Ltd, luxury woven woollens one of Britain’s oldest brands.

In 1990 I was elected to be on The National Youth Committee of the Girl Guide Association. At one on our meetings, It was me who initiated the first major uniform change when we brought in Geoff Banks from The clothes show. In 1984 I became a Junior Fashion Buyer for Chain NEXT and worked closely with George Davis on a small buying team. After which I worked in the fashion industry for Corah Leicester, for other M&S Suppliers as a Senior Fashion Designer.

Later I transferred my skills in style manufacturing, colour into a successful interior design business. I opened my first shop in Macclesfield ‘Julie Ann Porter Interiors’ in 1992. I loved my job transforming homes for ‘The Cheshire Set’. Outwardly I was achieving, but my inner world was a different story.


By 2000 I had gone through two divorces, I had terrible eczema, which became so unbearable I was on the sick and unable to work and was hiding from the pain of my past with recreational drug use, and had become a body artist in nightclubs, I was now in survival rather than flourishing as my past caught up with me and I was forced to face my inner world neglected by my focus on outer success during the previous decades.

I discovered Rebirthing Breathwork, in the year 2000 via truly a miraculous synchronicity. I was guided to a fantastic Rebirther in Manchester Christine McCallum who quite literally saved my life with her unconditional love and acceptance.

Slowly eczema began to clear up, as I learned how to nurture myself with the gentle power of the breath, I created more supportive and loving relationships. By 2003 I had my third child, qualified as a rebirthing practitioner and gained a distinction in Drama, Dance and Voice Therapy with The Artemis Foundation Bournemouth. Christina Artemis was an amazing teacher and mentor, she taught me so much, about The tarot, The Goddess and Archetypes, about psychotherapeutic principles of therapy work. I finally started to grow up to understand my past and to forgive myself and others.

In 2007 my love of beauty, design and creativity coupled with my passion for Spirituality, Human growth and Transformation lead me to open a shop and healing centre called BARAKA in Boscombe. This very was near to my home with my young children by the seaside in Dorset. It was an uplifting and inspiring place, for me and my customers; I filled it with crystals, handmade jewellery, colourful clothes from Rajasthan in India, Inspirational books, music and CDs.

Soon I was joined by The Moon Tree who took over the Healing Centre and created a beautiful art gallery in the basement.

In 2008 was very excited to attend my very first The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) in Wales, where I met the founder of Transformational Breath ® Dr Judith Kravitz. She was a keynote speaker at this event and I loved her teachings on Abundance, she said all you have to do is be and breathe in life’s natural abundance !!!

By 2010’s GIC in Spain, I was offered a free Transformational Breath® session and was totally blown away by how much further you could go with the breath than I had ever experienced in rebirthing. That was it!!! No question as soon as the breath session was over I wanted to do the training. In October 2010 I closed the shop and I Graduated as a fully certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator in spring 2013.

At my ‘loveinthebreath’ practice, I will help you to achieve permanent and lasting change. Whether your desire is for your body, your mind, emotions or simply to feel more spiritually connected more loving and accepting of yourself and what life has brought to you. My artist’s drive to reimagine the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary is fueled by a deep desire to change things for the better, for as many people as I can.

Over the last 22 year’s I have gained a breadth of knowledge and have personal experience, using the breath and a variety of other tools form my Training with world-renowned Breathwork Teachers like Sondra Ray, Bob Mandel and Leonard Orr. They all have different approaches to help to clear mental and emotional blocks and to feel lighter and freer, I weave all of this experience into my sessions, workshops and pieces of training.

In late 2012 I began to only work with Transformational Breath® because I believe that everything that I have learned from training with Dr Judith Kravitz offers the best tools, techniques and approach for my clients and students.

However, when the planed-demic came along I decided to go it alone because I was unwilling to comply with our psychopathic leaders, fearmongering humanity into taking an experimental and dangerous jab. I then started to create Soverienty Breathwork to hold space for those who want to stay naturally human and safe from BS.

If you are looking for permanent shifts then Soverienty Breathwork certainly lives up to its name, it’s nurturing, brings peace and harmony, it has great detox effects, enables you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, can guides you on your life path, enables more energy, vitality and facilitates you to opening up your creativity and to reach your full potential in life.

“I would love to support you to take the next step closer to the love that you already are! You are very welcome to join me for One to One sessions in Macclesfield Cheshire.”

Julie Ann Horrox