Crystal Information

Crystal Information

Jah-love Jewellery


Many times I have been told that I have a unique gift for manifesting positive intentions, recently I was divinely guided to now offer this special gift to you…

You will receive a unique ‘Vibrational Imprinting and Blessing’ of your JAH-Love pendant imbuing it with your chosen intentions; while it sits on my altar in the Heart of Avalon for a whole week; this will include all of the elements: prayer and sacred intent, smudging and cleansing; a blessing with the waters of the white spring and chalice well; as well as breathing in love and imbuing your chosen pendant with your specific intention, and receiving the energy of a continuous flame to burn away and purify. 

Crystal Information


How The Power of crystals changed my life

My Love affair with crystals began in 1996 in Andro’s Greece, when a Tibetan turquoise pendant seemed to leap out of the shop window at me. It was an unusually extravagant gift to my-self, but I just had to have it. This crystal had definitely chosen me, I began speaking more and more of my truth and soon after my return my life went through a dramatic shift. To the outside world ‘I Lost everything’ my kids, my house, my business, the underlying truth was that I had to loose everything to find out who I truly was. Tibetan Turquoise by passed previous mass consciousness thoughts enabling me to speak from my heart without conditions.

Several years later I discovered that Tibetan turquoise is in fact the perfect healing tool for throat chakra blockages and repressed self expression. Back in 1996 however I had no idea these were issues for me, fortunately though, my subconscious mind did and the perfect crystal appeared just when I needed it most.

Crystal Information

The amazing power of crystals awakened me to discover more and more of whom I truly was and what I came here to do.  Part of that job is to inspire you to use crystals to raise your vibration and that of the planet to Oneness and Love. I am still in continual awe and amazement at the divine intelligence of crystals. Every time I need to be working with a new one, it will find its way to me and let me know. Yes I am lucky to be surrounded by them in my shop. I don’t always remember to use them for myself, but they always find a way to let me know what I need next. For example if three people come into Baraka in one day and ask about the same crystal, then it’s usually something i need to use for myself.

Why Crystals always choose you

When choosing your crystals or crystal jewellery. The first one you are drawn to will be the one you need the most, and will help you on your life path at that time. So the bottom line is to trust your intuition and go with your gut feelings.

You will be drawn to whichever crystals you need the most, at this time. Their crystalline structure resonates with your DNA, on a cellular level. Thus pulling in whatever crystal(s) you need to bring you into balance, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Crystals communicate directly with your subconscious mind and hold information that can assist you in your personal journey. For example, your subconscious may keep drawing you to choose Danburite, because there is an aspect of your life where you are holding onto something that no longer serves you. You don’t need to understand why you are drawn to a crystal, and if you try to get into your head and figure it out. There’s no doubt the crystal will have the last laugh, It is never for the reason you ‘Thought it was I find

Crystals have a great sense of humour!

Wearing crystals can bring to light unresolved issues in your life that you may have been unaware of because they were in your subconscious mind. When you become conscious of these negative patterns this gives you the power to change them. Crystals come from divine intelligence vibrating with love for humanity !

You also may choose a piece of jewellery just because you like it, looks good and goes with you wardrobe, that’s absolutely fine too1

Why is Cleansing and energising so important?

All of our Crystal Jewellery is regularly cleansed and energized; to release any negative energy’s picked up on their travels. We then imbue them with the intention only to be used for the greater good, to assist you in bringing healing and transformation, truth, peace, love, creativity and harmony into your life. And therefore out to the world.

It is important that you cleanse and energise all of your crystals regularly, to get the maximum benefit from them. We use one of these three methods-physically mentally and verbally

Place crystals in running water a tap or a river will do, Visualize the negative energy going out of your crystals and down the plughole or downstream. Sending the energy back to mother earth, as she will know exactly where it is needed most and what to do with it.

Leave them to charge in the full light of the moon (full is best) or sun to energise them.

Soaking in salt water overnight which absorbs the negative energy then throw it away and watch the negativity poor away.

You can use combination or your own version of any of the above. It is your intention that is the most important aspect of the cleansing and energising process.

For beginners information about crystals we recommend you read The Crystal Bible and other books by Judy Hall. For the more advanced Love is in the Earth! and the Book of Stones I highly reccomend x