Sister Sharing Circle to bring out your Wild and Natural Self\r\n\r\nFor far too long women have been suppressed and don't feel they have a voice or a space to express how they really feel without receiving judgement or criticism. There is so much fakeness held in high regard for women in society today, these unrealistic beauty standards, can lead to body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem. Whereas Wild Women Circle is an antidote to this where the focus is on authenticity.\r\n\r\nI have created a monthly safe and confidential space for women to support one another in their real-life struggles, a space to open up as little or as much as they feel safe to do, supported by other women who care and understand. Life is always throwing curve balls at us and sometimes we need to be held in a safe space by our sisters who have the time and the compassion to listen.\r\n\r\nWe all deserve a space to be heard and held in our pain and joy, where you can share, vent, rant, shout, rage and speak your truth, no matter what. Do you crave a space like this where you can open up and not be judged by others, that's not, in a therapy setting.\r\n\r\nWould you love to feel supported by other women who like sisters have your back, no matter how angry or upset you're feeling, a space not to be fixed or given advice? Would you love to have a space to celebrate your wins and be held in your pain? Where nobody sees you as broken or needing to be fixed.\r\n\r\nI'm calling this The Wild Woman Circle becuse our wildness is the same as our natural authentic messy selves, it's who we are perfectly imperfect, without the judgements of feeling wrong or bad, too much or not enough, too loud or too quiet, to outspoken or opinionated. If this feels like somewhere you need, crave or even feel a bit scared of then you are welcome to join the perfect imperfect women every new moon at Dreamcatcher in Leek.\r\n\r\nI will be holding space for you in the old ways, with simple breath meditation and maybe some inspirational offerings around themes connected to the wheel of the year, maybe a Rumi poem or piece of music as a starting point for the evening. Our female ancestors on all continents sat in a circle as indigenous peoples still do for their mental health and the health of the whole tribe. We have an opportunity to learn from the old ways by opening our hears and hearing one another xXx\r\n\r\nOur feminine beauty lies in our naturalness and authenticity.\r\n\r\nJulie Ann is a Breathwork Facilitator and Trainer of The Sovereignty Professional Training Programme in Staffordshire; she has been trained by some of the world\u2019s biggest grandmothers and Grandfathers in the world of like Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Bob Mandel, Judith Kravitz, Christina Arthemis.\r\n\r\nJulie Ann grew up in Macclesfield and has gone through her fill of abusive relationships, grief loss and trauma, she has 3 grown-up children and is deeply inspired by nature, the seasons and her British Christian and Pagan roots.\r\nShe is also a soulful artist, and a designer-maker of metaphysical jewellery, later in life she studied Breathwork Drama, Dance and Voice Therapy.\r\n\r\nJulie Ann has been sitting in circles and running groups teaching breathwork & ritual, Goddess Initiation Training and working with Tarot and Archetypes since 2003. She has a wealth and breadth of real-life experience to support you on your path.","offers":{"@type":"Offer","url":"https:\/\/\/loveinthebreath\/1061001","price":"20","priceCurrency":"\u00a3","validFrom":"2024-01-08 00:00","validThrough":"","availability":"https:\/\/\/InStock"},"eventAttendanceMode":"https:\/\/\/OfflineEventAttendanceMode","eventStatus":"https:\/\/\/EventScheduled"}]