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90 minute Guided and Supported Conscious Breathwork Session
Monthly Guided Group Breathe 6-30 – 8 pm £15
Your breath is your connection to your life force, you hold your breath to control life’s pain, so by gently opening up the breath you can access past hurts and integrate them with gentle self-compassion and ease x
These self-empowering sessions will support you to connect more deeply to your own divinity, the love that you already are and receive the nurturing, guidance, support and inspiration you need during these challenging times.
For those who have done a full professional conscious connected breathwork session before with anyone.
This month’s theme is ‘new beginnings’ as Jupiter and Aries align today bringing a powerful vigour, lifeforce and energy to new projects, think about how you’re connecting to this energy right now.
So what is Breathing Circle?
BREATHING CIRCLE is a monthly event happening all over the world on the same day, on the last Tuesday of every month. Right now Sunday feels like a better day x If I’m not available on a Sunday it will be on my very nearest free evening around the 1st of each month.
So What’s the intention of the group?
To create an intimate and low-cost conscious breathing community and a space, where you can come on a regular basis to share, let go, surrender and be accepted, no matter what is happening in your life you are always welcome.
Come and enjoy this self-empowering process and healing tool, that helps you to feel loved unconditionally, feel lighter and freer. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Some of the ways Conscious Breathwork can help us?
Prevents heart disease and boosts immunity.
Transform subconscious behavioural patterns.
Release blocked emotions and Fear.
Manifest more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.
Increase mental clarity.
Feel more inspired and creative.
Gain a deeper connection to self, forgiveness and compassion.
Integrate ancestral patterns.
Resolves suppressions and repressions held in the body/mind.
Gives you More Energy.
Feel lighter, brighter and more sparkly more of the time.
Let go of what others think about you.
Feel more comfortable in your own body.
And so much more
Breathing Circle is Part of The IBF –The International Breathwork Foundation. www.breathingcircle.org of which I was one of the original members established in 2008.
The Monthly themes will be focused upon and focus follow The Wheel of the Year xXx