Breathing Freedom

BREATHING FREEDOM Intro to Breathwork, Congleton, Cheshire.

Julie Ann Horrox
Bare Health 34 High Street Congleton Cheshire CW12 1BD

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  • Learn the power of Sovereignty Breathwork by experiencing this amazing life-changing and profound transformational modality.

    Breathwork absolutely can change your life!

    At this 3.5hr beginner’s workshop, you can find out how it can improve & transform your emotional & mental health.

    This workshop is an Introduction to the powerful and life-changing Conscious Connected Breathwork combined with Conscious Touch Bodywork, you will discover how to free yourself from emotional blocks that cause, anxiety, stress, burnout, depression and disease.

    You will leave with a clearer understanding of why we have blocked and disrupted Breathing Patterns (and what a Breathing Pattern is) plus how to work through any blocks and disruptions to your respiratory system.

    It includes the following …

    -Learn the fundamentals of Breathwork

    -Where all these questions will be answered.

    -What is it?

    -How does it work?

    -How do we do it?

    -Gaining deeper insights into HOW & WHY we hold so much of our emotional past in the way we Breathe

    -What is a dysfunctional breathing pattern?

    -Why do we have blocked or dysfunctional breathing?

    -How can we change this?

    -A demonstration of Breathing Analysis and Emotional Body Mapping.

    -Learn how we eliminate restrictive breathing patterns.

    -Experience and understand the benefits of Conscious Therapeutic Breathwork.

    -Experience a 50-minute-deep dive and fully facilitated Conscious Connected Breathwork session.

    – Accessing the tools, you need to help get those trapped and stuck emotional stressors out of the physical body so that your emotional, mental, and spiritual self, can feel free again

    -Learn how this process can Heal yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    – With Kundalini Breath Dance, Great Music and Sound healing.

    Julie Ann Horrox is a Breathwork Coach and Breathwork Trainer with 25 years of experience in conscious breathwork. She travelled the globe to share her passion for breathwork with The International Breathwork Foundation And has worked for the prestigious award-winning Arrigo Program in Somerset since 2012. Now She has her private practice in Leek Staffordshire. Julie Ann was trained by The Grandmother of UK Breathwork Christina Artemis in 2002 and has been working professionally as a Breathwork Trainer since 2003.

    Why can we find FREEDOM with breathwork?

    Sovereignty Breathwork Coaching is a loving and powerful process of self-healing which supports us through life’s changes, life becomes easier to navigate with the help of our breath.

    Your breath is our connection to life, and making changes to the way we breathe can have profound and lasting effects on all aspects of our lives.

    In this unique 3.5-hour workshop, I’ll be teaching you how the breath, body and nervous system are all connected and together they hold on to and trap our past emotional data, repressed memories and emotional trauma. This keeps us stuck in old habits and loops, you may have found that no matter how much you try to talk yourself into changing, you just can’t make it last.

    Talking therapies can help us to move forward in life, but the breath takes us to a deeper level in our process which is untouchable with the mind. To let go, move on from the past and improve our health on all levels, one must first clear the emotional charge and programming from your body, the breath does this embodied somatic work with ease and grace.

    This is because our issues are stored in the body’s memory and NOT just the mind, and unless we learn to access the body at a really deep level nothing will change, breathwork is the key to setting you FREE from your painful past.

    By learning to open our breath, we can open up to MORE LIFE, transform subconscious behavioural patterns and reactions, clear these emotional blockages and fill the space once occupied with fear, with more Love, Joy and Abundance than we dared to dream of.

  • Why do we all have Trauma?

  • The majority of pain we experience is down to trapped emotions, this emotional baggage stays with us disrupts our lives and causes disease and self-sabotage. This can manifest in our lives as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and many other conditions.If you are looking for powerful and permanent shifts in your body and your life then Soverienty Breathwork is the Key to unlocking past Trauma and setting you FREE!

    Through the profound therapeutic process of Conscious Connected Breathwork, Body Work and Coaching tools Julie Ann will support you to leave your past behind and focus on the future you are creating, Trauma-Informed Breathwork can support your journey to breathe yourself free.

    Breathwork helps us understand not only our blocks in life but also to see ourselves and our past from a different perspective.

    Understand more about somatics and reconnect with your intuition, rebuild the connection to your body’s wisdom and higher intelligence, creating better self-awareness and a deeper relationship with your self-healing ability.

    Join me in a workshop especially for those new to Breathwork and Emotional Trauma, using a mix of neuroscience, practical exercises, and conscious breathwork all explained and fully guided from start to finish, in a safe and held space, so that you can go as deep as you like.

    Your Investment is £45.00 (plus the online booking fee)

    Bring a notepad and water bottle, and wear loose comfortable clothing preferably trousers and not jeans.

    There will be yoga mats a blanket and a pillow for everyone, bring more blankets and pillows if you prefer yours x