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Breathing in The Heart of The Goddess

Julie Ann Horrox


Breathing in the Heart of the Goddess
The spiritual significance of running The Transformational Breath® Training Programme in Glastonbury known as the heart chakra of planet earth
17:30 (UK time)
16:30 (Europe)
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One of the fundamentals of Transformational Breath® is opening up our breath by breathing fully into our bellies, to utilise our diaphragm and therefore our full breathing apparatus. In doing so we can open up our breathing pattern and our capacity to receive our good. By simply learning to breathe deeply, freely and easily.
This is our original natural breath and enables us to feel safe grounded and stress-free. Breathing fully in our belly connects us to source energy, to our foundation and enables us to tap into unlimited energy and abundance.
Many of us have never received the deep level of unconditional love, acceptance, nurturing or safety from our own mother. We need this strong foundation in our lives to enable us to thrive. When we feel safe, loved, rooted and grounded in our foundations, only then can we learn to fly on our own. We need to feel safe and loved before we can strive and even begin the journey of reaching our full potential.
Vincent and Julie Ann invite you to drop into your bodies deep innate wisdom. You can do this with Transformational breath® to experience and receive the love and nurturing that you deserve with this powerful tool. Vincent and Julie Ann work together in the sacred land of Avalon where the Great Mother Goddess has been honoured revered for 1000’s of years.
On this Day they will guide you through a 20-minute guided Transformational breath session to receive the love of The Goddess which is always available in abundance just for you. You will learn how to soften to open and receive the sweet nectar of your beloved Breath.
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Your Hosts are…
Julie Ann and Vincent will guide you to open up Your breathing pattern and receive her many gifts including more Energy, Joy, Healing and Integration of past painful experiences. It’s our belief that whatever Name we give to the benevolent force of love in the universe be that God, Allah, The Goddesses, Great Spirit or the power of Love there is always an abundance available for you at Source whenever you need it
Vincent Oloo is A Senior Trainer who lives in Nairobi Kenya, he is the founder of Breathe Africa and is the Organiser of the GIC in Kenya in 2023 in Nairobi,
Julie Ann Lives in Glastonbury where she has been a Training organiser since 2014, she has been working with the breath for 23 years. They both offer ONLINE 1-1 session’s, workshops and training are in both the UK and Kenya.
They met in 2008 at The International Breathwork Foundations Conference (IBF) The Global Inspiration Conference,(GIC) held in Wales UK and they were both representatives for their own countries for the IBF form 2012-2016.
Both your hosts Vincent and Julie Ann worked as professional pattern cutters and designers for the manufacture of clothing, in their own countries before they became Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitators.