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Feb 28th Breathing in LOVE Circle on Zoom

Julie Ann Horrox
On Zoom

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Breathing in Love Circle

Sovereignty Breathwork Monthly Group Breathing Circle x

Introductory Class, followed by a 45-minute Guided Sovereignty Breathwork Session, on the Last Tuesday of the Month or the nearest day.

These self-empowering sessions will support you in connecting more deeply to your own divinity, and the love that you already are and receive the nurturing, guidance, support and inspiration you need during these challenging times.

Julie Ann is a Fully Certified Breathwork Coach and Trainer with over 24 yrs experience of in conscious breathwork, each session will be a unique journey with a theme of LOVE. 

We will be opening your breath to receive, a high frequency of love and Miracle Consciousness, to assist in the birthing of humanity into the New Earth.

This Event Happens all over the world on the same day and is part of an international group of which I was one of the original members.

Our breath is our connection to life, and changing how we breathe can have profound and lasting effects on all aspects of our life. Your breath is your connection to your life force; you hold your breath to control life’s pain, so by gently opening up the breath, you can access past hurts and integrate them with gentle self-compassion and ease x

These Monthly Self-empowering professional guided Breathwork sessions will support you to connect more deeply to your own divinity and the love that you already are. Enabling you to receive nurturing, guidance, and inspiration needed to focus on what you would like more of in life.

Because: “Energy goes where our intention flows”



6.30 pm – 7.30 pm Beginners Introductory Class £6

What is Sovereignty Breathwork? How does it work? How do we do it? What to expect in a session? Including time for questions?  For anyone new to Sovweriegnty Breathwork there will be an introduction to this deeply transformational approach.

Free-breathing analysis session for anyone new who would like to volunteer.


7.30 pm – 9.30 pm Monthly Guided Group Breathwork Session £18

A great way to maintain a regular monthly conscious breathwork practice at home. This class is for those who wish to experience a fully guided conscious breathwork session as well as guidance on how to open up your breathing pattern for optimum health and wellbeing x

7.30 pm – Welcome our regular breathers to the group x 


7.35 pm – Breath meditation and grounding, authentic self-reflection.


7.40 pm – Safe Space to share however we are feeling x It’s ok to be real and raw x  


8 pm – Intention Setting and Coaching giving direction to our experience.


8.15 pm – Take our intentions into our breath session, with inspirational music.


9 pm – Bring the breath session to a close and have time for sharing, coaching and support x


9.30 pm Finish x


So what is Breathing Circle?

BREATHING CIRCLE is a monthly International event happening all over the world on the same day, on the last Tuesday of every month x


So What’s the intention of the group?

To create an intimate and low-cost conscious breathing community and a space where you can regularly come to share, let go, surrender and just be, no matter what is happening in your life, you are always welcome.

Come and enjoy this self-empowering process and healing tool that helps you to feel loved unconditionally, lighter and freer. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Some of the ways Conscious Breathwork can help us?

It prevents heart disease and boosts immunity.

Transform subconscious behavioural patterns.

Releases blocked emotions and Fear.

Manifest more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.

Increase mental clarity.

Feel more inspired and creative.

Gain a deeper connection to self, forgiveness and compassion.

Integrate ancestral patterns.

Resolves suppressions and repressions held in the body/mind.

Gives you More Energy.

Feel lighter, brighter and more sparkly more of the time.

Let go of what others think about you.

Feel more comfortable in your own body.

And so much more…


Your investement is as follows…

Main Breathing Circle 7.30-9.30 pm for those ‘who have breathed with me before’ or done Soverienty Breathwork with one of my colleagues. It includes 45 minutes Ceremonial Session.

Cost £18


N.B. If you have not done Rebirthing/Conscious Connected Breathwork /Transformational Breath® or similar before with a fully trained and Insured Professional Breathworker then I strongly suggest that you attend the beginners class, which starts at 6.30 pm for an hours introduction. You will greatly benefit from getting all the information of how and why we do this beautiful work in the way that we do, and you won’t be trying to relax and breathe with questions in your head that could easily distract you from surrendering to your process

Sovereignty Breathwork may differ in fundamental ways from other breathwork modalities, you have practised. You only need to do this extra hour once, but people often attend it several times because it does include a lot of information which will help you to understand and feel confident and the process you are about to step into x

Breathing Circle is Part of The IBF –The International Breathwork Foundation., of which I was one of the original members established in 2008.


The Monthly themes will be focused upon and focus follow The Wheel of the Year xXx


If you would like to GO DEEPER

You may want to experience a 1-1 Session  with me

You can book 121 sessions here ….