Level 4b Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath® Professional Training Programme Level 4a 2022 Date/venues -T.B.C

The Avalon Centre 1 King St, Glastonbury BA6 9JY

This training to become a Transformational Breath® facilitator is a development step in your own life, the whole training is based on the following statement…

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”

You have the next key to your life in your hand now!

Level 4a and Level 4b can be the next step in your personal life,

as well as being able to start your own practice as Transformational Breath® Facilitator.

An earlier participant of the training once said: “Coaching with the breath is guiding people to their inner light, and as their light shines mine shines even more and this is so enlightening. I feel one with the whole universe”

Lead by Vincent Oloo Senior Trainer from Kenya and Julie Ann Horrox, Co-Trainer from the UK, both Trained By Judith Kravitz and have over 35yrs experience as Professional Breathwork Practitioners between them.

Prerequisite for this course is having done a Transformational Breath® Seminar week or levels I, II and III of personal training.


Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage since before records began, Pre-Christian religions worshipped here, ancient Goddess, Druids visited the 9 wells on this beautiful Isle of Avalon.

The whole area is riddled with mythology and legend, King Arthur, Guinevere,  Glastonbury Abbey and Henry VIII. Glastonbury is the birthplace of the Christian church in England, Joseph of Arimathea the uncle of Jesus, is said to have visited the town planting his crown of thorns in the ground on Wearyall Hill.

Glastonbury is known as Heart Chakra of the planet and place of High Vibrational Energies, I personally believe that is the perfect place in England to be doing this beautiful, deep and loving work, breathing into our bellies, receiving the compassionate and nurturing energy of The Goddess in this green and pleasant land x

Glastonbury’s Holy Thorn

If your heart feels called, please book your place as soon as possible.

Training Week 1 Level 4a.

After experiencing profound personal shifts during levels 1,2 and 3, you may want to continue your journey with Transformational Breath®. You will gain the many new skills, enabling you to feel confident and proficient in facilitating others, this is your first step in learning how to develop your Professional Practice as a Breath Facilitator.

During this week we will create the framework for you to build on as a Transformational Breath® facilitator including exchanging breathing sessions, with a lot of attention to the details of the technique of Transformational Breath®. Understanding how to Analise breathing patterns, basic psychospiritual coaching and how to create an intention.

There will be intensive practising with the technique of body mapping, knowledge and use of these points is one of the things that makes this technique so unique and powerful. You will understand how, when and where to use sacred sounds, toning, affirmations, intentions and invocations. How to hold sacred space and understanding of body mechanics & the anatomy of breathing.

During the week you will be also be introduced to a powerful meditation program, Miracle Consciousness and how you can use this to bring more love, acceptance and ease into your and your clients lives. Meditation is a very strong and proven tool in health care, by making contact with an expansion of possibilities and qualities which are already within you, this will manifest the world that you want.

Basic Teaching and embodying principles of this Training:  Next presuppositions are the basis for your work as a facilitator and you will be trained to a high standard and deep level during all both training weeks of 4a and 4b.


Everyone can breathe and can have a full connected breath

We have a physical body to help us experience who we are and express our Spiritual nature

Breathing better creates a better life, more energy, health, and balance


Perception is projection

Being in the now requires being free of ego (mind)

Our breathing reflects how we live our life- physical is the effect and not the cause


Integrate emotions through entrainment

Store emotions in the body and subconscious mind

One true emotion – Love


We have unlimited potential

Transformational Breathing® facilitates our connection to Spirit

Overview of the whole training

The training is based on your practical work as a facilitator and besides this, you will receive the correct theory including a printed manual. Working with other participants hands-on is the main way of learning during your first week’s of training, from the 3- basics to all the practical tools you need to become a professional breath facilitator.

There will be lots of feedback so that you can grow and learn and make mistakes inside the training, so that everything happens in the perfect way, which will be important keys for you to begin working with clients when you leave for home.

Your Facilitators:

This Training will be presented by Vincent Oloo Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Senior Trainer from Nairobi Kenya and assisted by Julie Ann Horrox Co-Trainer from the UK both are fully Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitators.

Your investment and planning: 

Deposit: A £500 non-refundable deposit secures your place,

Fees: Course Training Fee £1650 including all materials, delegate rate, local spring water, snacks, vegan and gluten-free lunch.

Early Bird: Pay four months in advance to receive a discount of 10%

Payment plans: Monthly payment plans are available for the remainder pls ask for details

Timings: The course starts at 10 am on the first day and ends at 2 pm after lunch on the last day.

Interns: (Facilitators in Training) for more information please go to the Interns information

Training Venue: The Avalon Centre,1 King Street, Glastonbury BA6 9JX There is lots of Free Street Parking nearby or disabled right outside.

Bed Breakfast and Evening meal: Comfortable and affordable B&B and the evening meal can be or ordered separately on your booking form.

Accommodation: Apple Fairy B&B, 25 Norbins Road, Glastonbury BA6 9JF

Guests will be provided with wonderfully comfortable accommodation of their choice at Apple Fairy B&B, a 2-minute walk from the training venue. You will receive a very warm welcome from Janet and Stefan, you can enjoy amazing service in this peaceful accommodation in central Glastonbury, only a few minutes walk from the high street.

Apple Fairy is made up of six beautifully designed themed rooms inspired by fairies, magic and fantasy, with a twist of Glastonbury. With a selection of twin, double and en-suite rooms to choose from, you’ll experience a truly unique, generous and magical stay.

Breakfasts are traditional, vegetarian and generous; most diets are catered for.

Accommodation and evening meal costs:

£612 for Private Double En-suite  

£570 for a Double room with shared bathroom (with one other room)

£474 for Twin En-suite (shared with one other)

£330/£270 Private Caravan with electric for 1/2  inc Breakfast

£270 Own Camper/ Tent with Electric inc Breakfast

£200 Own Tent Camping inc Breakfast

£120 Non-residential Suppers Only

We may be able to book you in for extra nights either the day before or after the training enabling you to explore Avalon more extensively please ask for this on your booking form.

Most evenings are free or for studying and we fit in an afternoon trip out to least one sacred sites, all snacks, teas and coffee, local spring water is provided.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding and delicious high vibe food, which is mainly vegan and gluten-free. We can then add cheese, eggs and butter once we know how many attending are vegetarian, we have amazing inspirational chefs. The food is all lovingly prepared and most diets can be catered for, so, please ask if you have special needs/requests.

If you are camping breakfast will consist of a simple help yourself to fruit, Musli, toast, eggs and coffee at the Training venue.

Who can attend? Must have completed a Seminar or all 1,2 and 3 weekends.

Getting There:

An estimated 3 hrs drive from London or 45 minutes from Bristol Airport, also buses from the airport to Bristol then take 376 to Glastonbury.

There is no train station in Glastonbury, the nearest one is Castle Cary with takes 2hrs from London and a 35-minute taxi ride to Glastonbury.

Alternatively, there are regular trains(1hr40mis) or buses(2hrs 30mins) from London to Bristol by Megga Bus or National Express. From Bristol to Glastonbury take the 376 bus which takes 1hr 20 minutes.

There a few buses every day direct from London to Glastonbury, Berry’s Buses run from Hammersmith London(6.45 pm evening) to Glastonbury (leave 7.30 am daily) each day, please check online up to date for accuracy.

Public Transport options:







Telephone: Any questions please contact Julie Ann Horrox +44 (0)7967308695

Email: jah@loveinthebreath.com

Please complete both the Registration and Health & Safety forms…

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Terms and Conditions :

  • For you to confirm your place on this training you must complete the registration process below which includes the payment of a non-refundable deposit of £400.
  • You will then be sent a receipt for this Deposit amount with an invoice for the remaining balance, which should be paid in full 1 month before the Training begins.
  • Full payment is required to ensure your place on this training unless payment by instalments for the ‘Tuition fee-only’ have been negotiated in advance.
  • Should you have any specific requirements or further questions please contact Julie Ann… JAH@loveinthebreath.com
  • Please note: The organiser should be paid the ‘net amount’ for her workshop/Training/delegate rate. All costs for transfers of funds must be paid by yourself in full.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers.
  • We cannot provide any refund for transport problems or delays or cancellations due to sickness or ill health or personal emergencies.
  • If an event is cancelled due to COVID we will transfer funds to the next possible Training you can attend with us.
  • Payments from Abroad we recommend that you pay by www.transferwise.com or similar as this is cheap and easy.
  • Any last-minute payments by card on arrival will incur an excess charge of around 3%.
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.