Level 4b Transformational Breath

Level 4b Transformational Breath®Professional Training Programme

Julie Ann Horrox
The Avalon Centre The Avalon Community Centre 1 King St, Glastonbury BA6 9JY

This training to become a Transformational Breath® facilitator is a development step in your own life, the whole training is based on the following statement……

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”

You have the next key to your life in your hand now!

Level 4a and Level 4b can be the next step in your personal life,

as well as being able to start your own practice as a Transformational Breath® Facilitator.

An earlier participant of the training once said: “Coaching with the breath is guiding people to their inner light, and as their light shines mine shines even more and this is so enlightening. I feel one with the whole universe”

A prerequisite for this course is having done a Transformational Breath® Seminar week or levels I, II and III of personal training.

Location: Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage since before records began, Pre-Christian religions worshipped here, ancient Goddess, Druids visited the wells on this beautiful land known as Avalon, once an island.

The whole area is riddled with mythology and legend, said to be The Heart Chakra of Planet Earth.

It’s known to be a place of High Vibrational Energy and Healing Waters, a powerful vortex on the planetary grid, sitting right on top of the Mary and Michael Lay-lines.

The perfect place in England to be doing this beautiful deep work, breathing into our bellies, receiving the compassionate and nurturing energy of The Goddess in this green and pleasant land x

If your heart feels called, please book your place as soon as possible

Training week 2 Level 4b.

During this week you will have a deeper introduction to transformational coaching. In transformational coaching, we use awareness, direct questions, coach attitude, reprogramming, clearness in thinking, behaviour and making goals.

Transformational coaching is helping clients to make contact with their inner feelings. It is helping to be conscious so it will become clear which actions have to be done and how goals can be realized. Transformational coaching is a deepening of skills and consciousness. It gives your profession as a facilitator a deeper meaning in working with clients.

Headlines of this part of transformational coaching are:

  • Leverage
  • Intention
  • Miracle Consciousness
  • Supportive Feedback (Sandwiching)
  • The Work (of Byron Katie)
  • Presuppositions of coaching
  • Coaching with a wheel of life
  • Professional ethics

You will have again daily breathing session for integration purposes. Besides working with transformational coaching there will be a breath workshop and you will guide a breathing session of a client in this workshop. You will go on a deeper level in the technique.

There will also be attention given too:

  • Breathing with special groups (baby’s, children, seniors, certain illnesses) •
  • Deepening of Body Mapping
  • Participant Lead Troubleshooting
  • 5 specific integration areas of Transformational Breath® i.e. birth trauma
. authorities
. specific negative thoughts. integration trauma
. past lives
  • Anatomy of the breathing
  • At the end of the week, there will be a short written examination.

Your Facilitators:

This Training will be presented by Vincent Oloo Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Senior Trainer from Nairobi Kenya and assisted by Julie Ann Horrox Co-Trainer from the UK both are fully Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitators.

Your Training Team have 35 yrs Experience of professional Breathwork between them x

Your investment and planning: Your investment for Level 4B is £1650 per week.

If you pay 4 months in advance you will get a discount of 10% Early Bird

Payment plans are available, please ask for details.

Training Venue: The Training will take place in Central Glastonbury at The Avalon Centre which has private parking.

Arrival times: Participants: 10 am to Register for a 10.30 am Start.

Interns: (Facilitators in Training) 6.30 pm Sunday 5th Dec for our team meeting


Guests will be provided with accommodation of their choice at Pilgrims B&B, a 3-minute walk from the training venue is a stylish and peaceful accommodation in central Glastonbury, it has comfortable en-suite rooms with private facilities, tranquil gardens and the use of ‘The Sanctuary’ meditation space and gardens. Breakfasts are Traditional & Vegetarian; most diets are catered for.

We will provide you with amazing high vibe Lunch (included) Mostly vegan, gluten-free x The food is outstanding lovingly prepared and most diets can be catered for.

Suppers you can go out and eat from the wide choice Glastonbury provides x

Accommodation and delegate rate are as follows for….. 6 nights and 7 days

£612 for Private Double En-suite

£570 for a Double room with a shared bathroom (with one other room)

£475 for Twin en-suite (shared with one other)

£450/£390/£330 for a Shared room with 2/3/4 others (En-suite bathroom)

£330/£270 Private Caravan with electric for 1/2  inc Breakfast

£270 Own Camper/ Tent with Electric inc Breakfast

£200 Own Tent Camping inc Breakfast

£120 Non-residential Suppers Only

We may be able to book you in for extra nights either the day before or after the training if you book early enough and your room is are available.

Most evenings will be free to study there maybe only 1 or 2 classes after diner, all snacks, teas and coffee, local spring water,  

What to wear?

Comfortable clothes that allow movement, we recommend loose-fitting trousers, not jeans. You will be lying on the floor.

 What to bring?

If you are coming by car you are welcome for your own comfort, to bring your own comfortable mat (folded duvet) to lie on, two or three pillows and a blanket or two, otherwise this will be provided for you x

Details of the venue’s 3-minute walk from one another :

Daytime Venue: The Avalon Centre,1 King Street, Glastonbury BA6 9JX

Pilgrims B&B, 12/13 Norbins Road, Glastonbury BA6 9JE

Getting There: It’s an estimated 3 hrs drive from London, 3/4 of an hour from Bristol Airport. There is no train station in Glastonbury, the nearest one is Castle Cary with takes 2hrs from London + a 30-minute bus or taxi ride. Alternatively, there are regular trains from London to Bristol and buses from Bristol to Glastonbury which take 1hr 20 minutes. There are several National express buses every day to and from London Heathrow and Victoria directly to Glastonbury, alternatively, Local Company Berry’s buses run from Hammersmith London to Glastonbury several times a day.

Any questions please contact Julie Ann Horrox

Telephone: +44 (0)7967308695

Email: jah@loveinthebreath.com

Terms and Conditions :

  • For you to confirm your place on this training you must complete the registration process below which includes the payment of a non-refundable deposit of £500.
  • Unless we have to cancel due to COVID then a full deposit refund will be given x
  • Payments

    The Co-operative Bank PLC   sort: 08-92-50   acct: 70434347   BIC: GB22

     IBAN:  GB85 CPBK 0892 5070 4343 47   Miss J Horrox t/a loveinthebreath

  • You will be sent a receipt for this Deposit and an invoice for the remaining balance, which should be paid in full 1 month before the Training begins. 

  • Full payment is required to ensure a place on this training unless payment by instalments for the Tuition fee only, have been negotiated in advance.

  • Should you have any specific requirements or further questions please contact Julie Ann… JAH@loveinthebreath.com
  • Please note: The organiser should be paid the ‘net amount’ for her workshop/Training/delegate rate. All costs for transfers of funds must be paid by yourself in full.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers. We cannot provide any refund for transport problems or delays or cancellations due to sickness or ill health or personal emergencies.
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.


For Registration

                                                                    email JAH@loveinthebreath.com
further Training information go to …


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