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Full Moon Breathing Circle in Leek Staffordshire

Julie Ann Horrox
Quakers Meeting House, Leek Overton Bank, Leek ST13 5ES

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Breathing Circle with Julie Ann Horrox…

Founder of Sovereignty Breathwork with 25 years of experience in Conscious Breathwork.

Your breath is your connection to your life force energy, if you are holding or controlling your breathing, then you are inadvertently preventing the flow of goodness into your life.

Most people are doing this unconsciously becuse nobody taught us at school how to breathe properly and it’s of vital importance if we want to reach our full and true potential.

Most of us have developed dysfunctional breathing to control our painful emotions and that dysfunctional breathing does a very good job of keeping this emotional charge at bay, most of the time.

By gently opening up the breath, and changing the way that we breathe we can access past hurts stuck in the subconscious mind and our body integrating them permanantly with a gentle self-compassion flowing breathwork x

You can join us at Breathing Circle

To discover how to feel amazing, get high on your supply and fully integrate past recurring patterns, and negativity simply by changing how you breathe and practising this simple yet powerful technique, to regulate your nervous system.

We do this on the full moon because as the moon starts to shrink or wane, this is the best time of the month to let go of stuff that no longer serves us like worrying thoughts or self-doubt. It’s very hard to do this with just willpower or even talking therapies, we need to do embodied somatic work to get to the root cause of our issues

Why a Full Moon? 

After a full moon it decreases in size, in the waning energy of the moon this helps us in the process of letting go of the things in life that no longer serve us. For example, addictions negative beliefs or self-criticism, the energy of the full moon can help us in this process of letting go. At the peak of the lunar cycle, the full moon aligns with summertime, masculinity, and yang-like energy. It’s a time for creation for birthing your goals and dreams into reality. It’s also the perfect time to release perfection and practice forgiveness and compassion.
The perfect time to Breathe to receive the highest and best life has to offer xXx

What is Breathing Circle?

BREATHING CIRCLE is a monthly event happening all over the world on the same day, on the last Tuesday of every month.

BRING: A mat to lie on or a folded duvet, a few blankets a pillow and a water bottle.

WEAR: Lose comfortable clothes

What happens at BREATHING CIRCLE?

6.15 pm Arrival from
6.30 pm Introduction to sovereignty breathwork for beginners (You can skip this if you like)

Anyone not NEW arrives

7 pm Grounding meditation

7.10 pm Sharing with coaching support from me

7.30 pm Intention Setting to discover what you want


So what goes on at a Breathwork Ceremony?

  • Kundalini Dancing to raise your energy and have fun.
  • Amazing music playlist to invoke and inspire your breathing.
  • Guidance to drop into your body and surrender.
  • Invocation of spirit guides and angels to hold the space with me.
  • Your intention brings you the highest and best into your session.
  • Using your respiratory system to create the highest vibration.
  • Guided Breathing to connect you to your divinity and innate wisdom x.

8.40 pm Closing of Ceremony

8.45 pm Sharing space snacks and tea x

When we open up to share in a group and use the empowering Soverienty Breathwork Process and healing tools, this helps us to drop into our subconscious and brings to the surface feelings and emotions that are ready to be permanently integrated. Using the high vibrational tool of connected breathing we can access source energy and receive an abundance of unconditional love therefore moving beyond our 3-D limitations.

Breathwork connects us to our spirit and other dimensional realms that are unreachable with just talking therapies alone. Talking is a great help on our journey but the breath takes us to places where our body remembers, like pre-cognitive trauma or ancestral patterns that scientists now know if unresolved can have profound effects for many generations and is left unresolved.

Sovereignty Breathwork is…

Open to anyone of any age, religion or belief system, and these are some of the ways it can help YOU.

  • It prevents heart disease and boosts immunity.
  • Transforms subconscious behavioural patterns.
  • Releases blocked emotions including fear.
  • Prevents heart disease and boosts immunity.
  • Gives you More Energy.
  • Increase mental clarity.
  • Feel more inspired and creative.
  • A deeper connection to self-forgiveness and compassion.
  • Integrate ancestral patterns.
  • Resolves suppressions and repressions held in the body/mind.
  • Feel lighter, brighter and more sparkly more of the time.
  • Enables you to let go of what others think about you.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own body.
  • Manifest more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.

Sovereignty Breathwork is a fusion of…

Conscious Connected Breathwork, Sacred Touch Bodywork, Kundalini Dance, Presence, Inspirational Life Coaching, Intention Setting, Mind Mastery, Ritual and Invocation, Somatic Movement, Sacred Sound and Music to create profound life changes and to move beyond your limitations.

Julie-Ann is a fully trained, certified and insured Professional Breathwork Coach with 25 years of experience in energy work, holding sharing circles, working with Jungian Archetypes, Rituals and Facilitating Goddess initiations working with Christina Artemis the Great-grandmother of UK breathwork qualifying in Rebirthing Breathwork in 2003. She travelled the world with the International Breathwork Foundation and trained In Rebirthing Breathwork, Hot and Cold-water Breathwork, Dance and Drama Therapy, Reiki, Family Constellations and Transformational Breath. Julie Ann was Trained with Christina Artemis, Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Bob Mandel and Judith Kravitz in Transformational Breath®. She is the founder of Love in the Breath and The Sovereignty Breathwork Training Programme.

What’s the intention of the group?

To create an intimate and low-cost-conscious breathing community in your locality. Creating a space, where you can come to open up to source energy and develop your breathwork practice, to let go and surrender no matter what is happening in your life.

Breathing Circle is Part of The IBF –The International Breathwork Foundation. www.breathingcircle.org of which I was one of the founder members of this organisation established by my friend Natalia Westmacott Brown in 2008.

For more info see www.loveinthebreath.com or email Julie Ann at jah@loveinthebreath.com

Tickets are available here https://buytickets.at/loveinthebreath/1149410