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Glastonbury Breathing in LOVE Circle

Julie Ann
In person only Sweet Track Centre, 44A High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DX

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Glastonbury Breathing in Love Circle -Transformational Breath® Monthly Group Breathe x


These self-empowering sessions will support you to connect more deeply to your own divinity, the love that you already are and receive the nurturing, guidance, support and inspiration you need during these challenging times.

Julie Ann is a fully certified breath Coach with over 20 yrs experience of in conscious breathwork, each session will be a unique journey with a theme of LOVE. 

We will be opening your breath to receive, a high frequency of love and Miracle Consciousness, to assist in the birthing of humanity into the New Earth.

This Event Happens all over the world on the same day and is part of an international group of which I was one of the original members.

Our breath is our connection to life, by making changes to the way we breathe can have profound and lasting effects in all aspects of our life.

The evening programme goes like this…..

6 pm You can arrive anytime and help yourself to tea and have time to arrive and land. 

6.30 pm – Beginners Class, What is Transformational Breath® and How does it work? How do we do it? and what to expect? Including time for questions?  

7.30 pm – Welcome our regular breathers to the group x 

7.35 pm – Breath meditation and grounding, authentic self-reflection.

7.40 pm – Safe Space to share however we are feeling x Its ok to be real and raw x  

8 pm – Intention Setting giving direction to our experience.

8.15 pm – Take our intentions into our breath session, with inspirational music.

9 pm – Bring breath session to a close and have time for snacks and Tea, more sharing, coaching and support x

9.30 pm Finish x

Transformational breath® is a loving and very powerful process of self-healing, where life changes become easy with the help of your own breath. By learning to open your breath, you can open up to MORE LIFE!

In a Transformational Breath® Session, we use The Breath, Bodywork, Sacred Sound, Presence, Coaching, Intention Setting, Invocation, Movement and Music to create profound life changes Physically, Mentally and Emotionally and Spiritually, whatever that means to you.

This work is open to anyone of any age, religion or belief system.

We work with the life force energy and the power of Love.

Some of the ways it can help YOU?

• Prevents heart disease and boosts immunity
• Transform subconscious behavioural patterns suppressions and repressions
• Release blocked emotions, stress anxiety and Fear
• Manifest more Love, Joy and Abundance than you dared to dream of.
• Better mental clarity feels more inspired and creative.
• A deeper connection to self, forgiveness and compassion.

Payment rates are as follows…

Main Breathing Circle 7.30-9.30pm for those ‘who have breathed with me before’ or done Transformational Breath® with one of my colleagues. 45- minute Transformational Breath® Session for experienced breathers 
Cost £20 working/£15 low-wage /£10 benefits

N.B. If you have not done Transformational Breath® before then you will need to arrive at 6.30 pm for an hours introduction. This form of breathwork is different in many ways from other Breathwork techniques or modalities, that you may have practised, you only need to do this extra hour once, but anyone is welcome to do it again x

Extra hour for newbies to introduce Transformational Breath® 6.30-7.30pm.
For anyone who has not tried before Cost £10 working /£7.50 low-wage /£5 benefits

Safely held space so you can go as deep as you like.

The Monthly themes will follow The Wheel of the Year xXx.

Private 1-1 Session with me 

You may want to experience a 1-1 Session  

If you have not done Transformational Breath® before I am offering online sessions at a time to suit you. 

You can book 121 sessions here ….