Personal Transformation using Breathwork, Dreamwork, Meditation and Art Therapy

Noddfa Centre Conway Old Rd LL34 6YF Penmaenmawr

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We will be exploring these powerful techniques:
Conscious Therapeutic Breathwork
Are you aware that 90% of all the pain we experience is down to trapped emotions? This emotional baggage stays with us and disrupts our lives, causing disease and self-sabotage. Holding our breath stops the painful feelings temporarily, but life inevitably brings our patterns to the surface again. Suppressed emotions lead to Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, Depression, Addiction and Dis-ease. Conscious Therapeutic Breathwork is extremely efficient at integrating blocked energy from Body/ Mind/Psyche, setting us free from our past painful experiences and enabling us to reach our full potential and to feel lighter and brighter. It enables you to face your fears and release them with ease and grace, in a safe and loving environment, bringing more peace, harmony and vitality into your life. We will be using breathwork each day to work with whatever your unconscious wants to present for your growth.
Projective dreamwork is a way of accessing your unconscious through dreams in a supportive environment. Find what your dreams are saying to you and how they can lead you to personal and spiritual growth.
Expressive arts therapy is a way of exploring and integrating unconscious material through creativity and play.
Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is a way of attuning to nature. The beautiful grounds of the Noddfa Centre gives a wonderful environment to find peace and tranquillity.
We will be using these powerful techniques each day in a small group with ample time to explore what comes up for you. Prepare to be amazed.
You will also receive a daily breathing practice to take you home with you so that you can continue to move forward into the future to create more space, ease and joy in your life.
There are only 9 places available so that we can work deeply and intimately together, to identify patterns, set intentions and breathe to integrate, so we are far less likely to get triggered by situations in everyday life.
Home-cooked vegetarian meals are provided each day and there will be time to explore the nearby hills and beach if you wish.
The Venue
Shalom is a self-contained house in the grounds of the Noddfa Centre on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Penmaenmawr station is only 5 minutes away.

Meet your hosts

Dennis Richards
Julie Ann Horrox