Recovering From Nacsissistic Relationships

Recovering from Narcissistic Relationships 7-Week Course

Julie Ann Horrox
love in the breath ONLINE ZOOM CLASS

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7-week Self-Empowerment Course with Breathwork, Sharing, Inspirational Coaching, Mind Mastery and other powerful tools to support your personal growth.

This course is for you if?

You need support to leave a relationship that you know has become abusive, co-dependent, controlling or narcissistic. Maybe you have recently left such a relationship and are still reeling with the shock or are in recovery, wondering how you ever let this happen to you? or possibly you have lost your confidence due to a previously narcissistic relationship and or feel scared to start dating in case something similar should occur again.

How would you love to embody all of this !!!

Trust your true authentic self and feel supported by life!

Rewrite old beliefs with amazing new ones x

Feel loved and totally adored for being 100% you x

Take control of your destiny and life direction with effortless ease!!!!

What’s included in this Course?

I will provide you with the unconditional love and understanding you need to move forwards in your life, including a deeper Knowledge of narcissistic behaviours and how to spot them. begin the journey of compassion and forgiveness for yourself using the law of attraction, dance, movement, ritual, breathwork, and many other tools to raise your vibration on a weekly and daily basis.

You will receive…

A fully facilitated Conscious Breathwork Session every week

Results with our Mind Mastery Programme.

1-1 Inspirational Coaching and Group Sharing

Reading materials to support your journey.

7-weeks of deep sharing & allowing whatever shows up.

Online Private Group with my support and other members x

E-book ‘How to Survive Nacisistic Relationships’ with your dignity intact x

Learn How to Truly Love Yourself with Confidence Boosting Processes

During the course, you will receive a 30-minute 1-1 Private Breathing Analysis and Coaching Session.

And a 10% Discount 0n Private 1-1 Sessions

cost: £105/ £140/ £175 pay what you can afford weekly equivalent to £15/£20/£25

The course will be packed full of other survivors’ experiences, their stories and their personal wisdom; plus extensive research from counsellors and psychotherapists who have worked with many victims, flowed by there and my recommendations for moving forwards.

Then the incredible power of the breath will integrate your painful past and leave you feeling clearer, lighter and more focused on where you’re going next.

Why did I attract a Narcissist?

Narcissists are attracted to your light and your empathetic kind and generous nature. When you carry pure light, lower-vibration people attack you because you mirror their unhealed wounds back to them.

They project their unacknowledged and evaded darkness onto you. They make you the villain so they can be the victim.

This tactic no longer works once you learn to stand in your power.

When you decide to no longer be the victim, and even though I use the V-word here; one of the main themes will be how to leave the victim mentality behind you and move into self-empowerment and self-belief; with award-winning powerful Transformational Breath®.

How do I stand in my power!

This course is based on my own personal experience over 30 years, in my 20s I was married to a very sick and damaged narcissist, and it took me many years to recover from this relationship. More recently, I found myself in a very similar relationship, which I needed in order to understand that I still needed to forgive the first one.

This time I recognised the patterns 1oox faster, becuse of all of the work I have done over the last 30yrs, I would now love to share this wisdom with you x Using the breath, movement, sound, music and mind mastery to empower me, this time I could see right through the narcissistic BS and move much quicker than I did in my 20’s.

We will combine recognising family patterns, learning to stand in your power, looking at the experiences of other victims and advice from Psychologists and behaviour therapists who specialise in this field.

Develop self-love and self-worth!

You will discover how to come out the other side and recover fully with your dignity intact, while at the same time owning up to your own part in why you attracted people like this into your life.

Acknowledging that you are innocent, you did nothing wrong and yet your past unresolved and painful experiences attracted this person into your life so that you could learn and grow. You will come to accept that this experience was a great gift, you might say. Yes, really I will take you to new and higher levels of self-love, self-worth and self-empowerment.

Breathwork sessions, meditations and sharing, will deepen your levels of acceptance of what happened in your past and we will look at how you can develop discernment skills in the future so that you attract what you really want in the future.

We will improve the way you look at yourself, identifying negative self-talk and beliefs, opening up your breathing pattern, and therefore your capacity to receive more joy, love and abundance for yourself.

Mind Mastery; Discover how to master your mind…

We will look at where negative thinking comes from. We will work with mind-masterly tools,!discovering your unique family patterns, beliefs and programming from the past. How your thoughts are not who you are, how none of it is your fault, and yet show your mind has been affecting your relationships up until now.

We will work with Mind Mastery looking at how you create your reality because of your past thoughts and vibrational frequency and yet how none of this is your fault, build your self-worth and self-esteem.

You will understand exactly how and why your thoughts can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

We will look at how you see yourself as a woman or man and identify some of the root causes of negative thinking. You will discover how it’s easy to let go and move forward with the power of award-winning breathwork. So that you can look to the future with optimism, hope and a renewed zest for life.

These are some of the areas we will cover…

Why do narcissists mistreat you?

How can you use the breath to receive self-love and inner strength?

know that you are innocent and learn how to nourish your inner child.

Develop daily breathing practices to empower yourself.

Knowing you are not alone, support from the whole group.

Recognising red flags that you ignored!

Allowing whatever you’re feeling to be more than okay x

Acknowledging that we all have Anger, Rage and Revenge thoughts.

 Forgiving yourself for misjudging someone so badly?

Understanding and recognising projections and “Gaslighting”?

How will I ever trust again?

Embracing the pain of Letting go

Accepting that they may never ever change.

Step into your power, learning to say NO! and to mean it.

Develop a relationship with more of your Archetypes

Deepen your relationship with yourself.

Celebrate your wins xXx

A Full Breath Session Every Week…

To enable you to let go with ease, raise your vibration in a powerful ceremony to integrate your painful past. Transform your thoughts and deepen your sense of inner power and forgiveness. By tapping into source energy with an open breath, you will learn to receive an infinite supply of love, joy and abundance so that you no longer feel the need to look for your fix outside.

You will learn how to tap into the universal high vibrational energy field which exists all around us. When yours is strong, you will feel empowered and healthy in body, mind, and Spirit. This will enable you to embody feelings of lightness, protection and invincibility.

Let go of your past with ease.

The high vibration that we develop when spending time alone can easily be depleted by toxic emotions, unhealthy people and environments, and also by taking in too many foods or substances that deplete us. Each week we shall focus on all those things contributing to increasing our intake of life-force energy.

Everything we do in this course, Breathwork, Prayer, Ritual, Dance, Movement, and Energy work.  Supported by the group and tapping into the high vibrational energy field around us will help us ultimately feel more kind and loving towards ourselves.

During this course, you will learn the tools you need to love and appreciate yourself and feel happy and love being single. In time, with your commitment and dedication, you will attract someone quite different into your life who matches your New Frequency x

If you feel inspired, you can also purchase a ‘pay it to forward ticket’ to sponsor someone who would love to but cannot afford to do this course at this time.