TRANSFORM YOUR SHADOW with Transformational Breath

TRANSFORM YOUR SHADOW powerful inner work including Archetypes, Ritual, and Conscious Breathwork: although this is deep work it is always balanced with fun and good humour x

There are only 8 places available each day so that we can work deeply and intimately together, to identify patterns, set intentions and breathe to integrate, so we are far less likely to get triggered by situations in everyday life.

Archetypes are ancient, universal patterns of behaviour that are embedded in what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious”. We will dive into the subconscious with deep inner shadow work, using Archetypes, rituals and fire ceremonies with Conscious Breathwork to discover aspects of the self you may have disowned, suppressed or denied.

Firstly, we will be working with our breath by looking at our physical breathing pattern, which is a map of our subconscious mind. You will begin to see how your unique breathing has protected you from feeling life’s pain and that this is where all your programming is held.

We will examine our subconscious negative thinking using exercises, guided meditations, and processes. After which we will burn away what no longer serves us in the fire and breathe in our NEW INTENTIONS. Each day, there will be a full Conscious Breathwork Session, sharing and therapeutic support.

This support can continue with private breath sessions in the coming months if you wish either on Zoom or in Macclesfield x

Bringing your shadow out into the light will enable you to deepen your intuition, trust and self-worth, and move forward in your life; by letting go of your past, you will replace your shadow with that which you desire the most.

We will finish with an Art as therapy process to create a beautiful unique affirmation and a celebration of your achievements x

You will also receive a daily breathing practice to take you home with you so that you can continue to move forward into the future to create more space, ease and joy in your life.

A safe confidential space will be held so that you can dive as deep as you like into this work

Introduction for the 1st hour each day for those who have never done Sovereignty Breathwork before, everyone else can arrive at 10.30 am if they wish x

Arrival 9.00 am Introduction for the 1st hour for those who have never done Conscious Theraputic Breathwork before, everyone else can arrive at 10.00 am if they wish x

Your investment Day Ticket £95

With 2 x Fully facilitated Breath-work Sessions each day

Bring a notepad and a pen, a water bottle, and wear comfortable loose clothing like leggings or joggers preferably not jeans or trousers with belts, because this is too restrictive for bodywork.

A light veggie and vegan lunch with GF options, be provided. If you feel inspired, please feel free to bring some food to share.

All breathing equipment will be provided by myself xXx

Julie Ann is a Breathwork Facilitator

and Trainer of The Sovereignty Professional Training Programme in Macclesfield; she has been trained by some of the world’s biggest grandmothers and Grandfathers of Breathwork Worldwide, like Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Bob Mandel, Judith Kravitz and Christina Arthemis.

Julie Ann grew up on the edge of the Pennines Hills the backbone of England; she is deeply inspired by nature, the seasons and her British pagan roots. She is also a soulful artist and fashion designer, who trained in acting and loved being on stage from age 5. She studied Drama, Dance and Voice Therapy and has been running groups teaching breathwork & ritual, Goddess Initiation Training and Connecting to the Goddess within, and working with Tarot and Archetypes since 2003. She has a wealth and breadth of experience to guide you on your path.