Love in the Breath

Sovereignty Breath Professional Facilitator Training Module 2: Air & Water

Oak Apple Farm, Meerbrook, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8SH

This training to become a Sovereienty Breathwork facilitator is a development step in your own life, the whole training is based on the following statement…

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”

You have the next key to your life in your hand now!

modules 2 & 3 can be the next step in your personal life,

as well as being able to start your own practice as Sovereignty Breathwork Facilitator.

An earlier participant of the training once said: “Coaching with the breath is guiding people to their inner light, and as their light shines mine shines even more and this is so enlightening. I feel one with the whole universe”

Led by International Trainer Julie Ann Horrox, Co-Trainer Pixie from the UK.

A prerequisite for this course is having done module 1 personal training week.

stunning views from your campsite to the ancient woodland

Location: Leek Staffordshire is a beautiful silk town on the edge of the Pennines close to the Peak District. The perfect place to be doing this beautiful, deep and loving work, breathing into our bellies, receiving the compassionate and nurturing energy of The Goddess surrounded by the Pennine hills and the Cheshire Plain x

Training Venue: Oak Apple Farm is a Beautiful Private Venue, on the edge of The Peak District, more details of how to get there will be sent upon booking

Oak Apple Farm, Meerbrook, Leek, ST13 8SH, GB

Location: Camping is included in the price, on our own private field above the farm with amazing views. There are two compost toilets and three natural springs, plus a brook, and we may be lucky enough to spot the red dear who lives in the ancient woodland.

History and Mythology: Oak apple farm is the place where Gwain and The Green Man was written, the oldest book in England written with Oak Apple ink. It’s been a sacred site for hundreds of years, the landscape is full of mythology and legend.

On the top of the hill overlooking the farm is nine pins stone circle and just beyond this the remails of Dieulacresse Abby founded in 1214. There is a powerful lay line running right through the site, and we have been very lucky to have been invited to this special place.

If your heart feels called, please book your place as soon as possible.

Training Week 7 days module 2.

After experiencing profound personal shifts during EARTH module 1 you may want to continue your journey with Soveriengty Breathwork. You will gain many new skills, enabling you to feel confident and proficient in facilitating others, this is your first step in learning how to develop your Professional Practice as a Breath Facilitator.

During this week we will create the framework for you to build on as a Sovereignty Breathwork facilitator including exchanging breathing sessions, with a lot of attention to the details of the technique of Transformational Breath®. Understanding how to Analise breathing patterns, basic psychospiritual coaching and how to create an intention.

There will be intensive practising with the technique of body mapping, knowledge and use of these points is one of the things that makes this technique so unique and powerful. You will understand how, when and where to use sacred sounds, toning, affirmations, intentions and invocations. How to hold sacred space and understanding of body mechanics & the anatomy of breathing.

During the week you will be also be introduced to a powerful meditation program, Miracle Consciousness and how you can use this to bring more love, acceptance and ease into your and your clients lives. Meditation is a very strong and proven tool in health care, by making contact with an expansion of possibilities and qualities which are already within you, this will manifest the world that you want.

Basic Teaching and Embodying principles of this Training:  Next presuppositions are the basis for your work as a facilitator and you will be trained to a high standard and deep level during both training weeks of module 2 and 3


Everyone can breathe and can have a full connected breath

We have a physical body to help us experience who we are and express our Spiritual nature

Breathing better creates a better life, more energy, health, and balance


Perception is projection

Being in the now requires being free of ego (mind)

Our breathing reflects how we live our life- physical is the effect and not the cause


Integrate emotions through entrainment

Store emotions in the body and subconscious mind

One true emotion – Love


We have unlimited potential

Sovereignty Breathwork facilitates our connection to Spirit

Overview of the whole training

The training is based on your practical work as a facilitator and besides this, you will receive the correct theory including a printed manual. Working with other participants hands-on is the main way of learning during your first week’s of training, from the 3- basics to all the practical tools you need to become a professional breath facilitator.

There will be lots of feedback so that you can grow and learn and make mistakes inside the training, so that everything happens in the perfect way, which will be important keys for you to begin working with clients when you leave for home.

Your Facilitators:

Your Facilitators:

This Training will be presented by International Trainer from Julie Ann Horrox who is a Certified Breathwork facilitator

She has over 24 years experience of in Conscious Breathwork and started life as a fashion designer and then as an interior designer now she is here to support you to cut the cloth of your life and shape it into your dreams and desires.

Assisted by Pixie of I feel passionate about providing a safe well-held container where people can come together to explore their inner landscapes. They will be guided gently, and wholeheartedly with an equal blend of grounding, connection, movement, expansion, self-inquiry, integration, and transformation.

Your investment and planning: 

Deposit: A £400 non-refundable deposit secures your place,

Fees: Course Training Fee £1150 including all materials, delegate rate, local spring water, snacks, vegan and gluten-free lunch.

Early Bird: Pay four months in advance to receive a discount of 10%

Payment plans: Monthly payment plans are available for the remainder pls ask for details

Timings: The course starts at 3 pm am on the first day and ends at 3 pm after lunch on the last day.

Interns: (Facilitators in Training) for more information please go to the Interns information

Training Venue: Oak Apple Farm,Meerbrook, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8SH

Bed Breakfast  Comfortable and affordable B&B can be or ordered separately on your booking form.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding and delicious high vibe food, which is mainly vegan and gluten-free. We can then add cheese, eggs and butter once we know how many attending are vegetarian, we have amazing inspirational chefs. The food is all lovingly prepared and most diets can be catered for, so, please ask if you have special needs/requests.

If you are camping breakfast will consist of a simple help yourself to fruit, Musli, toast, eggs and coffee at the Training venue.

Who can attend? Must have completed a EARTH module

Location: Camping is included in the price, on our own private field above the farm with amazing views. There are two compost toilets and three natural springs, plus a brook, and we may be lucky enough to spot the red dear who lives in the ancient woodland.

Staying Longer in The Peak District: Lud’s Church and The Roaches are a few miles away, so if you wanted to stay an extra day or two and go walking in The Peak District where you can you can visit Buxton a Beautiful Spa Town, Bakewell the picturesque home of that special tart. Dove Dale and the stepping stones, Nine Ladies Stone Circle to name a few please ask for more details.

You may want to book for extra nights either the day before or after the training, enabling you to explore The peak district more extensively.

Getting There:

Public Transport options:

Telephone: Any questions please contact Julie Ann Horrox +44 (0)7967308695


Please complete both the Registration and Health & Safety forms…

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Terms and Conditions :

  • For you to confirm your place on this training you must complete the registration process below which includes the payment of a non-refundable deposit of £400.
  • You will then be sent a receipt for this Deposit amount with an invoice for the remaining balance, which should be paid in full 1 month before the Training begins.
  • Full payment is required to ensure your place on this training unless payment by instalments for the ‘Tuition fee-only’ have been negotiated in advance.
  • Should you have any specific requirements or further questions please contact Julie Ann…
  • Please note: The organiser should be paid the ‘net amount’ for her workshop/Training/delegate rate. All costs for transfers of funds must be paid by yourself in full.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers.
  • We cannot provide any refund for transport problems or delays or cancellations due to sickness or ill health or personal emergencies.
  • If an event is cancelled due to COVID we will transfer funds to the next possible Training you can attend with us.
  • Payments from Abroad we recommend that you pay by or similar as this is cheap and easy.
  • Any last-minute payments by card on arrival will incur an excess charge of around 3%.
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.