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Trust Your Breathing Body ~ Restarting Feb 2022

Julie Ann Horrox

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Transformational Breath® Guided Mini Breathwork Session

Every Friday Evening 8 pm for 60 minutes to help you wind down at the end of the day

Learn how to let go of your mind and trust your breath to drop you into your body’s own divine intelligence, your body holds all of the answers you will ever need.

Discover how to drop into a deeper form of intelligence than your intellectual mind, which can often get in the way of one moving forwards in life.

Find Freedom from your monkey mind with award-winning Transformational Breath®, the perfect way to soften, unwind and let go at the end of a hectic day.

“The power of Transformational Breath® enables you to face your fears and release them with ease and grace, in a safe and loving environment’ Julie Ann Horrox

Julie Ann has 22 years of experience with conscious breathwork, facilitating dynamic life shifts By making simple adjustments to the way that you breathe supporting you to clear blocked emotions, release anxiety and fear and integrate painful experiences so that you can feel lighter and brighter and happier in your own body.

Donations Starting at £15

Please make sure that you have prepared a comfortable breathing space with a yoga mat and folded duvet and several pillows and practice having your camera in a position  with enough light where I can see your breathing body x