Transformational Breath®

Introductory Workshops

Julie Ann Horrox 

Introductory Workshops

A Great Place to Start Your Journey and Learn the fundamentals of Transformational Breath ® and take your personal practice to the next level.

  • An introduction to Transformational Breath®
  • What is it and how does it work?
  • What are the benefits of Transformational Breath® 
  • Develope your daily Breathwork practice
  •                       Understanding  breathing patterns
  • How to transform restrictive breathing patterns
  • Heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Learn the fundementals of Intention setting
  • Introduction to 100 Breaths to Joy®
  •  Connect more deeply to your bodys intelligence
  • Experience the benefits of Transformational Breath®
  • A fully facilitated breathing session

Half Day

3hr Workshop
£45 per person with One Breath Session 


Full Day

6hr Workshop
£85 per person with Two Breath Sessions 

Experience Transformational Breath® in your town

Find a space invite a minumum of 5 friends who are keen to learn to breathe better and I will organize the rest – the host gets a free breathing analysis session.

Anything is possible from 6-10 people in your living room to 50 people in a conference suite! You can even add a ‘Speciality Plant based Lunch’ as Julie Ann is also an Inspirational Cheff. 

If you would like me to come to your town or your home to run a workshop, please get in touch.