<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>What to expect from our session</h3> <p>You will be given clear guidance and full instructions during your session on how to breathe, what to do and expect, with time to ask any questions before we start the full session.</p> <p>It is best to wear loose clothing for your session(s).</p> <p>For approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, you will lie down, relax, and engage in deep, dynamic and specific breathing patterns. You will be guided on how to open restricted breathing patterns so your entire respiratory system is utilized.</p> <p>I use carefully selected music throughout the session to help you to keep your breath in a rhythm. You will be encouraged to keep your awareness of your feelings as you breathe.</p> <p>A hands-on technique called ‘body mapping’ is used to release blocks that are held your muscles.</p> <p>We also use sacred sounds to express and set free emotional blocks.</p> <p>Integration is often very gentle and joyful and at times intense. Emotions often surface that have been repressed for a long time.</p> <p>The result is a deep state of relaxation and peace.</p> <p>Conscious Breathwork Coaching is an advanced technology that takes us beyond the mind into the transpersonal realm. Because the technique works so deeply, you may accomplish in one session what could have ordinarily taken years.</p> <p>Some people have one specific issue to deal with and may only come for one session, receiving the breakthrough they need.</p> <p>However, most people have layers of issues that are all interconnected. Therefore I recommend for your maximum benefit that a minimum of 5 consecutive sessions weekly or fortnightly is most beneficial.</p> <p>The completion of 10 sessions can create significant life shifts. I have had clients clear major life patterns like anxiety, self-worth, or asthma in as little as 1 to 5 sessions.</p> <p>I make no claims or promises, you can read my testimonial page to get a better idea of some of the results you can expect.</p>