Sovereignty Breathwork

  1-1 Private Sessions

1-1 Private Breathwork Sessions

It is 90 minutes long, either online or in-person 90 minutes for £95.

Breath is Life! And so…

  • The way that you breathe shows me how you’re living your life. 


  • When we Transform Dysfunctional breathing Patterns your life will ALSO Transform.

  • In a private session, you can get right to the root causal point of issues and create permanent and powerful changes. 

What’s Involved?

  • Your first Session starts with a Breathing Analysis, of how your breathing pattern impacts your life.
  • Enabling to understand why its been so hard move foreward.
  • You will receive coaching to help you gain confidence, awareness and focus.
  • You get to choose where you would like to be in your life.
  • You will find liberation from restricted breathing patterns and thoughts.
  • You’ll learn to breathe fully in a relaxed and open way, leading to a life with fewer complications.
  • Let go of judgements and become more loving and accepting of what is.
  • Each breath session is designed around a specific intention or goal established by the breather.
  • The breathing part of the session lasts for about 45 minutes, the rest is Life Coaching.
  • Like any Therapy, a series of 6-10 sessions work best for your maximum benefit.
  • I offer 1-1 Sessions @ Quakers Meeting House, Leek, Overton Bank, Leek ST13 5ES

1-1 Session

  • Still not sure about working with me?
  • You can book a Free 30-minute chat to discuss your issues and individual needs.
  • or you can start with a shorter 30-minute Breathing Analysis Session for just £30
  • A mini session for 60 minutes is £60 if you just want to dip your toe in the water.
  • A full Breathwork Session lasts 90 minutes and costs £95.
  • For the first Session, it could take up to 2 hours because we have notes to take.

I offer sessions visiting you in your own home for an additional charge, of £1 per mile travelled. Available in Stoke- on Trent, Crew, Macclesfield, Buxton, Ashbourne etc

I would never turn anyone away because of money! If you are feeling completely compelled to do this work I am always open to the possibility of fair and equal exchanges.

If you have any questions about one-to-one sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

How does breathwork work?

By utilising your total breathing capacity Sovereignty Breathwork relaxes the body, enhances
detoxification and leads to more energy and vitality. Our breath is our connection to our life
force energy and the amount of good we are willing to receive.

Physical Breathwork prevents heart disease, eliminates toxins from the body and blood, and improves respiratory function developing a better immune system.



Mentally improved breathing brings peace of mind, relieves stress and anxiety, and eases panic
attacks and depression. This powerful technique will permanently remove thought patterns that
no longer serve you, leaving space for enhanced creativity and providing you with more mental
Sovereignty Breathwork creates permanent resolution by freeing repressed emotions and
negativity in the body and mind. You will experience more confidence, regain access to inner
peace and insight and develop greater compassion for yourself and others.


Sovereignty Breathwork is a set of life-long tools to access higher levels of awareness,
experience the real connection with your inner being and open yourself up to unique
experiences. The results provide insight into higher levels of consciousness, bringing more
synchronicity and purpose into life.

Integration of the past leaves space for more divine intervention to enter your life physically,
mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What to expect from our session

You will be given clear guidance and full instructions before you start on how to breathe, what to do and expect, with time to ask any questions.

For approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, you will lie down, relax, and engage in deep, dynamic and specific breathing patterns. You will be guided on how to open restricted breathing patterns so your entire respiratory system is utilized.

I use carefully selected music throughout the session to help you to keep your breath in a rhythm.

You will be encouraged to keep your awareness of your feelings as you breathe.

A hands-on technique called ‘body mapping’ is used to release blocks that are held by your muscles. so please make sure to wear loose clothing.

We also use sacred sounds to express and set free emotional blocks.

Integration is often very gentle and joyful and at times intense. Emotions often surface that have been repressed for a long time.

The result is a deep state of relaxation and peace.

Soverienty Breathwork is an advanced technology that takes us beyond the mind into the transpersonal realm.

Because the technique works so deeply, you may accomplish in one session what could have ordinarily taken years.

Some people have one specific issue to deal with and may only come for one session, receiving the breakthrough they need.

However, most people have layers of issues that are all interconnected. Therefore I recommend for your maximum benefit that a minimum of 5 consecutive sessions weekly or fortnightly is most beneficial.

The completion of 10 sessions can create significant life shifts. I have had clients clear major life patterns like anxiety, self-worth, or asthma in as little as 1 to 5 sessions.

I make no claims or promises, you can read my testimonial page to get a better idea of some of the results you can expect.



Shared Sessions

Shared Session available in Leek Staffordshire

or I can visit you in Your Own Home

2.5-hour Session for 2 friends, family or Lovers.

Share a Breathwork Session with Someone You Love

Treat yourselves to a day out at Sacred Staffordshire.

  • Breath Analysis and Coaching: Exactly the same as a private 1-1 Session one person at a time.
  • Breathing Session: You will both breathe together at the same time for Just over an hour.

I offer joint sessions are available on any day of the week and some evenings and weekends subject to availability.


To shift  the flow of your life

2.5-hour session
£160 for 2 people in Leek.

Home visits are available within a 10-mile radius or further afield for an extra charge of £1 per mile.

Anywhere in the North West of England

If you have any questions about having a joint session, please don’t hesitate to contact me.