Conscious Breathwork

Introductory Workshops

Julie Ann Horrox 

Introductory Workshops


Conscious Breathwork Coaching can change your life! Learn how to improve & impact your emotional & mental health. This workshop is suitable for all levels. No experience is necessary.

  • An introduction to  Conscious Breathwork
  • Discover what is it and how it works?
  • What are the 100’s benefits of Breathwork
  • Develop a daily Breathwork practice
  •                      Understanding what breathing patterns are
  • Receive the right guidance and tools.
  • Heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Learn the fundamentals of Intention setting
  • Introduction to Kundalini Dance
  •  Connect more deeply to your body’s intelligence
  • Nervous system regulation is something we can all tap into,
  • Experience a fully facilitated breathing session

Half Day

2/3hr Workshops
£35 /£45 per person with One Breath Session 

Full Day

6/7hr Workshop
£85/£95 per person with Two Breath Sessions 

Experience Conscious Breathwork in your town

Find a space invite a minimum of 5 friends who are keen to learn to breathe better and I will organize the rest – the host gets a free-breathing analysis session.

Anything is possible from 6-10 people in your living room or 50 people in a conference suite!

You can even add a ‘Speciality Plant based Lunch’, Julie Ann is also an Inspirational Cheff. 

If you would like me to come to your town or your home to run a workshop, please get in touch.

Sovereignty Breathwork 

Personal Development

6- Days Module:1

Sovereignty Breathwork


Personal Development Training

 Module:1 Earth  

24th-29th March 2023

In Macclesfield with Julie Ann Horrox

Make a serious commitment to your spiritual awakening and personal growth.

The 6- Day MODULE is designed for learning to gift ‘yourself’ x12 Award-Winning Breathwork Sessions. It’s also your first Training step toward Professional Certification and this exciting and powerful course is open to complete beginners and experienced breathers alike.

Exploring the diversity of full diaphragmatic breathing in varied ways such as Self Breathing, Seated Sessions, Eye of the Soul, Throat, Spiritual Session, Brain Balancing, and Mirror Breathing


  • A deeper grounding of Breathwork Fundamentals
  •    Clear Emotional Blockages with 12 facilitated Sessions 
  •              Analysis of your personal breathing pattern
  • Why do we use Toning and Sound healing
  •             Conscious Touch Body Mapping                   
  •                        Powerful Dyadic Soul Communication Process               
  •            Personal Abundance Programme             
  •                     Intention setting The diamond edge cutter                           
  •          Insights, Inspiration and Manifestation
  •       Raise your vibration & clear subconscious patterns
  •                Fountain of Youth 5 Tibetan Rites
  •      Gift yourself with the ability to self facilitate 
  • How to access higher states of consciousness 
  • Discover your own unique breathing pattern
  •             Develop the skills of allowing and trusting 
  •           Deepen self-love, surrender & work on Inner child
  • Discover the power of doing “The work”
  • Warm Water Rebirthing Session
  • And lots of fun and games 


Physical Integration

Our breath is your connection to life and therefore to the amount of good you are willing to receive. When we change our physical breathing pattern this shifts the flow of our life force in the body. By utilising your full breathing capacity Transformational Breath ® relaxes your physical body, connecting your vagus nerve to heart and parasympathetic nervous system, this enhances detoxification, clears energy blocks leading to more aliveness, vitality and self-worth.

Mental and Emotional levels

Sovereignty Breathwork creates permanent resolution by freeing repressed emotions stress, anxiety, and negativity held in the body and mind. You will experience greater peace of mind, and insights and slow down the monkey mind. This powerful technique will permanently remove thought patterns that no longer serve you providing you with more mental clarity and confidence

Connect to Your Spiritual Escemce

Conscious Breathwork is a life-long tool that can be used to access higher levels of self-awareness and consciousness. You can experience how it is to feel fully connected with your inner being, your creative flow, self-expression. Opening up your breath flow enables you to receive unique experiences which can provide you with insight into higher levels of self Compassion, Joy and self-love.

Timings: The course starts at 2pm am on the first day and ends at 2 pm after lunch on the last day.

Fees: Course Training Fee £950 including all materials, delegate rate, filtered water, snacks, vegan gluten-free lunch.

Venue: Private Venue in Central Macclesfield.

Conscious Breathwork

Professional Facilitator Training

7- Days Air Element 

Professional Certification Training Programme

Module 2 – Air and Water Facilitation Skills 

                                                             17th- 23rd of May with Julie Ann Horrox 

After experiencing profound personal shifts during your EARTH Module 1 levels, you may want to continue your journey with Conscious Breathwork.  This 7-day training to become a Breath Facilitator is a development step in your life, the whole training is based on the following statement……

“Your quality as a breath facilitator is related to your quality as a human being.”
You will gain many new skills, enabling you to feel confident and proficient in facilitating others, this is your first step in learning how to develop your Professional Practice as a Breath Facilitator.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of The Personal Level Training EARTH ELEMENT Module 1

Some of what is included in this 

Certification Programme…

  • Learn how to facilitate sessions and hold sacred space.
  • An interactive hands-on approach to learning.
  • Give and receive facilitated 1-1 breathwork sessions.
  • Knowledge skills and application of Transformational Breath®.
  • Understand body mechanics & the anatomy of breathing.
  • Learn how to analyse breathing patterns.
  • Understanding Patterns and Creating an intention
  • Working in Warm Water with clients Session.
  • Intensive practising with the technique of Body Mapping.
  • How and when to use toning, affirmations, intention setting and innovations.
  • Psychospiritual counselling
  • Followed by a period of internship and mentoring.
  • Start working with your friends and family.
  • Receive 1-1 support to move you towards certification.
  • Deeper self -Facilitation 

Timings: This 7-Day course starts promptly at 2 pm on the first day and ends at 2 pm after lunch on the last day.

Fees: Course Training Fee £1150 including all materials, delegate rate, filtered water, snacks, vegan gluten-free lunch.

Venue: A Private Venue in Central Macclesfield. 

Conscious Breathwork

Facilitator Training

8 – Days  FIRE Module 

Professional Certification Training Programme

Fire Module Coaching Skills

                                                              November 13th-20th with Julie Ann Horrox 

On this second 8-day hands-on training, to become a Love in the Breath Facilitator. You will deepen your knowledge and confidence in the many facilitation techniques, in addition, to deepening your coaching skills.

This powerful Breathwork Training is the Key to the rest of your life both personally and professionally, this is the week where you learn how to develop your skills as an Intuitive Coach.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Personal earth Module Training followed by Air and water Module, plus completion of a recommended minimum of 10/20 practice sessions.

Some of what is included in this Training

Certification Programme…

  • Deepen your ability to counsel and coach your clients.
  • Hands-on experience with supportive feedback.
  • Advanced breathing analysis techniques.
  • Enlightened coaching skills.
  • Expansion of intuitive capabilities.
  • Accelerated personal and professional growth.
  • Personal evolution through the reflective process.
  • Psychospiritual counselling.
  • Increase your personal creative expression.
  • Learn to delve into the values of true coaching.
  • Igniting your Sexuality and passion for life.
  • Abundance and Developing a Breathwork Practice.
  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking 
  • Holding Safe Group Space Authenticity and integrity 
  • Acquire deep knowledge to work with yourself and others.
  • Profound personal  Breathwork experiences.
  • Join an international family network of breathers & facilitators.
  • Develop a deeper commitment to Transformational Breath®.
  • Monthly online tutoring and mentoring for the duration of your Training.
  • Neurology and the Science of Breathwork
  • Trauma-informed Breathwork, how to achieve integration with correct breathwork practices 
  • The use of Jungian Shadow work and Archetypes in your sessions.
  • Divination and Tarot and how this can enhance your sessions.
  • Developing your Intuition and synchronicity with ritual and white magic.

Timings: This 8 Day course starts promptly at 2 pm on the first day and ends at 2 pm after lunch on the last day. 

Fees: Course Training Fee £1350 including all materials, delegate rate, filtered water, snacks, vegan gluten-free lunch.

Venue: Central Macclesfield Private Venue.

 Intern Facilitation with Love in the Breath

                                                       (retaking MODULE 1 + 2 or 3 as an assistant is required to complete the training programme) 

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Module1 EARTH and Module2 AIR/WATER

  • Apply by email to
  • Please REGISTER following the same booking as participants, so that we can take care of your needs.
  • Invite 2 friends or family to join the training.
  • Receive a Special Delegate rate of £120 for Interns including snacks drinks and all your lunches.
  • Comfortable low-cost  Accommodation and evening meal is also available on request. 
  • Book as far in advance as possible to secure the lowest cost-shared accommodation for interns.
  • Please arrive for a staff meeting and help to set up 10 am on the training starts.
  •  Free hearty and healthy supper if you come and help the evening before.
  • We would be grateful if you can stay on the last day to help us pack everything down again.
  • Remember Your Amazing x
  • Thank you for Your Support xXx

In addition, there will also be 10 Monthly Mentorship Internship Days. Online and In-person Internship Day once a Month for all Trainees. To get support ask questions and go over any part of the training you need extra help with this will be led by YOUR NEEDS @ £60 a day xxx 

Terms & Conditions

  • To confirm your place on any module of this training you must complete the registration process below which includes the payment of a non-refundable deposit of £400.
  • You will then be sent a receipt for this Deposit amount with an invoice for the remaining balance, which should be paid in full 1 month before the Training begins.
  • Full payment is required to ensure a place in this training unless payment by instalments has been agreed. in advance.
  • Should you have any specific requirements or further questions please contact Julie Ann…
  • Please note: The organiser should be paid the ‘net amount’ for her workshop/Training/delegate rate.
  • All costs for transfers of funds must be paid by yourself in full.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers.
  • We cannot provide any refund for transport problems or delays or cancellations due to sickness or ill health or personal emergencies.
  • If an event is cancelled due to Sickness we will transfer funds to the next possible Training you can attend with us.
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.